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A:Okay, I know it's been a couple of hours since the situation occurred between the two of you, but I'd like to see if we can get this resolved1. First off, I'd like to hear from each of you about what's going on with the project.
B:Well, Amy, as you know, I have kids at home, and it's almost impossible for me to work in the evenings. This project workload2 was just too much for me to finish with all my other responsibilities here. I'm going to get it done, just not by Wednesday.
A:Okay. Justin, go ahead. How do you see this?
B:You heard. She's not going to be done by Wednesday. That means we miss the bonus, and I really needed that money.
A:So it sounds to me like the heart of the conflict is getting the project finished by Wednesday and getting the bonus. Do you both agree?
B:Yes, I guess.
A:Do you have any ideas about how the two of you might finish this project by Wednesday?
B:Well, Justin can help me with what I have left to do.
这个嘛,Justin 可以帮我做我剩下的。
C:That's not fair! I shouldn't have to do your work! I'm gonna be busy finishing up my end. And, besides, if I had time to do your half, I already would have!
A:Right, Justin! I know you're still playing hockey after work. I saw you leave with all your gear3 yesterday.
B:There are things you don't want to give up, too.
A:Okay, I have a suggestion. Rachel, can you delegate4 your other office responsibilities and just focus on this project? And Justin, I know how important hockey is to you. But could you maybe skip one practice and work on this with Rachel? And could the both of you maybe put in an extra hour after work tomorrow to finish?
好,我有个提议。Rachel,你能不能委托别人做妳份内的其它工作,然后你就专注在这项项目上?然后 Justin,我知道曲棍球对你来说有多重要。但你能不能或许不要去一场练习,然后和 Rachel 一起进行这项目呢?然后你们两位能不能或许在明天下班后多工作一小时来完成它?
B:Well, I guess I can let Mary handle the Keller account. And I think my mom can watch the kids for an hour. I can do it. I know it's really important to Justin.
嗯,我想我可以让 Mary 处理 Keller 那个客户。然后我想我妈可以帮我看着孩子一个小时。我可以做到。我知道这对 Justin 来说真的很重要。
C:I guess if Rachel is going to stay tomorrow, I can ditch5 hockey for a night. It would be really nice to get this done by Wednesday. I'm sorry I got so upset, Rachel. I could just really use that bonus.
我想如果 Rachel 明天要留下来,我可以一个晚上不要去打曲棍球。如果能在星期三前完成就太好了。Rachel,我很抱歉我发那么大的脾气。只是那笔奖金真的对我很有帮助。
B:Actually, I can use that bonus, too. Don't kid yourself. I just didn't know how we can make it happen. Thanks, Amy.
A:All right. It sounds like we have a plan of action. If there's anything I can do to help the two of you in any way, let me know. Thank you both. Let's get back to work.


1 resolved NkhzYw     
  • I was resolved not to see him. 我决意不见他。
  • The union resolved to strike by 40 votes to 18. 工会以40票对18票通过决议举行罢工。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 workload fVCzw     
  • An assistant one day a week would ease my workload.每周有一天配一个助手就会减轻我的工作负担。
  • He's always grousing about the workload.他总是抱怨工作量大。
3 gear gear     
  • We have to gear our lives to the new changes.我们必须使自己的生活适应新的变化。
  • The teeth of the wheel gear into each other.齿轮互相啮合。
4 delegate 8xxxQ     
  • They drafted her to serve as their delegate.他们选她当代表。
  • The Chinese people delegate their power to the People's Congress.中国人民授权人民代表大会。
5 ditch GlXzY     
  • With the blind leading the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.如果瞎子替瞎子带路的话,那么两方肯定会掉到沟里。
  • The water in the ditch is not very clean.沟里的水不很清洁。