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第四章 社会保护
第二十条 国家鼓励社会团体、企业事业组织和其他组织及公民,开展多种形式的有利于未成年人健康成长的社会活动。
Article 20 The State shall encourage social organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations and citizens to hold various forms of social activities that are conducive1 to the sound growth of minors3.
第二十一条 各级人民政府应当创造条件,建立和改善适合未成年人文化生活需要的活动场所和设施。
Article 21 People's governments at various levels shall create conditions to establish and improve places and facilities suited to the needs of minors for cultural life.
第二十二条 博物馆、纪念馆、科技馆、文化馆、影剧院、体育场(馆)、动物园、公园等场年,应当对中小学生优惠开放。
Article 22 Museums, memorial halls, scientific and technological4 centres, cultural centres, cinemas and theatres, stadiums and gymnasiums, zoos, parks and other similar places shall be open to secondary school students and primary school pupils on preferential basis.
第二十三条 营业性舞厅等不适宜未成年人的活动的场所,有关主管部门和经营者应当采取措施,不得允许未成年人进入。
Article 23 In respect of places, such as commercial dancing halls that are not appropriate for minors to take part in the activities therein, the competent departments and business managers shall take measures to ensure that no admission shall be given to minors.
第二十四条 国家鼓励新闻、出版、广播、电影、电视、文艺等单位和作家、科学家、艺术家及其他公民,创作或者提供有益于未成年人健康成长的作品。出版专门以未成年人为对象的图书、报刊、音像制品等出版物,国家给予扶持。
Article 24 The State shall encourage units of the press, publication, broadcasting, film and television, art and literature, as well as writers, scientists, artists and other citizens to create or provide works beneficial to the sound growth of minors. The State shall render support to the publication of books, newspapers, magazines and audio- visual products specially5 catering6 to minors.
第二十五条 严禁任何组织和个人向未成人出售、出租或者以其他方式传播淫秽、暴力、凶杀、恐怖等毒害未成年人的图书、报刊、音像制品。
Article 25 It shall be strictly7 prohibited for any organization or individual to sell, rent, or disseminate8 by any other means to minors, books, newspapers, magazines or audio-visual products of pornography, violence, wanton killing9 and terror that are pernicious to minors.
第二十六条 儿童食品、玩具、用具和游乐设施,不得有害于儿童的安全和健康。
Article 26 Food, toys, utensils10 and amusement facilities for children may not be harmful to children's safety and health.
第二十七条 任何人不得在中小学、幼儿园、托儿所的教室、寝室、活动室和其他未成年人集中活动的室内吸烟。
Article 27 No person may smoke in the classrooms, dormitories and recreational rooms of secondary and primary schools, kindergartens, as well as any other indoor places where minors gather for activities.
第二十八条 任何组织和个人不得招用未满十六周岁的未成年人,国家另有规定的除外。
Article 28 No organization or individual may hire any minor2 under the age of sixteen, except as otherwise provided by the State.
Any organization or individual that recruits according to relevant regulations of the State minors over the age of sixteen but under eighteen shall, in respect of the types of jobs, duration of time and intensity11 of labour as well as protective measures, follow the relevant regulations of the State and may not assign them to any overstrenuous, poisonous or harmful labour or any dangerous operation.
第二十九条 对流浪乞讨或者离家出走的未成年人,民政部门或者其他有关部门应当负责交送其父母或者其他监护人;暂时无法查明其父母或者其他监护人的,由民政部门设立的儿童福利机构收容抚养。
Article 29 In respect of minors who wander about and go begging or those who flee from their homes, the civil affairs departments or other departments concerned shall take the responsibility to send them back to their parents or other guardians12; with regard to those whose parents or guardians cannot be ascertained13 for the time being, the welfare organizations for children established by the civil affairs departments shall accept and take care of them.
第三十条 任何组织和个人不得披露未成年人的个人隐私。
Article 30 No organization or individual may disclose the personal secrets of minors.
第三十一条 对未成年人的信件,任何组织格个人不得隐匿、毁弃;除因追查犯罪的需要由公安机关或者人民检察院依照法律规定的程序进行检查,或者对无行为能力的未成年人的信件由其父母或者其他监护人代为开拆外,任何组织或者个人不得开拆。
Article 31 No organization or individual may conceal14, destroy or discard mail of any minor. Except when the inspection15 of mail in accordance with legal procedures by the public security organs or the people's procuratorates is necessary for the investigation16 of a criminal offence, or when the opening of mail of a minor without capacity is done on his or her behalf by the parents or other guardians, no organization or individual may open mail of any minor.
第三十二条 卫生部门和学校应当为未成年人提供必要的卫生保健条件,做好预防疾病工作。
Article 32 Departments of public health and schools shall provide minors with necessary sanitary17 and health-care conditions and make efforts to prevent diseases.
第三十三条 地方各级人民政府应当积极发展托幼事业,努力办好托儿所、幼儿园,鼓励和支持国家机关、社会团体、企业事业组织和其他社会力量兴办哺乳室、托儿所、幼儿园,提倡和支持举办家庭托儿所。
Article 33 Local people's governments at various levels shall make efforts to develop child-care undertakings18 and strive to run nurseries and kindergartens well, encourage and support State organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions as well as other sectors19 of society to establish nursing rooms, nurseries and kindergartens, advocate and support the establishment of household nurseries.
第三十四条 卫生部门应当对儿童实行预防接种证制度,积极防治儿童常见病、多发病,加强对传染防治工作的监督管理和对托儿所、幼儿园卫生保健的业务指导。
Article 34 Departments of public health shall, in relation to children, establish a preventive inoculation20 certificate system, make efforts to prevent common and frequently-occurring diseases among children, strengthen supervision21 and control over the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and give more effective professional guidance to sanitation22 and health-care work in nurseries and kindergartens.
第三十五条 各级人民政府和有关部门应当采取多种形式,培养和训练幼儿园、托儿所的保教人员,加强对他们的政治思想和业务教育。
Article 35 People's governments at various levels and departments concerned shall, through various forms, foster and train child-care and teaching staff in nurseries and kindergartens, and strengthen political, ideological23 and professional education thereto.
第三十六条 国家依法保护未成年人的智力成果和荣誉权不受侵犯。
Article 36 The State shall protect according to law the intellectual achievements and the right of honour of minors from encroachment24.
For minors who have shown unusual talent or made outstanding achievements, the State, society, families and schools shall create conditions favourable25 to their sound development.
第三十七条 未成年人已经受完规定年限的义务教育不再升学的,政府有关部门和社会团体、企业事业组织应当根据实际情况,对他们进行职业技术培训,为他们创造劳动就业条件。
Article 37 In respect of minors who have completed the prescribed length of schooling26 in terms of compulsory27 education and will not receive education at a higher level, the relevant governmental departments, social organizations, enterprises and institutions shall, in line with the actual conditions, train them in vocational skills and create conditions for their engagement in labour or employment.


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  • Exercise is conducive to good health.体育锻炼有助于增强体质。
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  • I gave him a minor share of my wealth.我把小部分财产给了他。
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n.未成年人( minor的名词复数 );副修科目;小公司;[逻辑学]小前提v.[主美国英语]副修,选修,兼修( minor的第三人称单数 )
  • The law forbids shops to sell alcohol to minors. 法律禁止商店向未成年者出售含酒精的饮料。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He had three minors this semester. 这学期他有三门副修科目。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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25 favourable favourable     
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27 compulsory 5pVzu     
  • Is English a compulsory subject?英语是必修课吗?
  • Compulsory schooling ends at sixteen.义务教育至16岁为止。
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