中华人民共和国消防法 9
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第四十七条 违反本法的规定,有下列行为之一的,处警告、罚款或者十日以下拘留:
Article 47 Those who, in violation1 the rules of this law, have one of the following conducts, shall be given disciplinary warning or penalty, or detention3 less than 15 days: 
(I) Those who, in violation the rules of this law, enter places where inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are produced and stored; 
(II) Those who, in violation law, use naked light in operation or who, in violation of prohibition4, smoke, use naked light in places with fire and explosion danger. 
(III) Those who obstruct5 fire alarm reporting or make false report on fire disaster; 
(IV) Those who deliberately6 obstruct fire truck and fire boasts from rushing to fire site or who disturb the order of fire site; 
(V) Those who refuse to obey the command of fire site commander and influence fire fighting and rescue work; 
(VI) Those whose blunder causes fire but has not resulted in heavy losses. 
第四十八条 违反本法的规定,有下列行为之一的,处警告或者罚款:
Article 48 Those who violates the rules of this law and have one of the following conducts, shall be given disciplinary warning or penalty: 
(I) Those who instigate7 or force others to conduct operation at risk in violation the rules on fire control safety, but have not cause serious results; 
(II) Those who bury, occupy fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space, block fire control passageway, or damage and arbitrarily use, dismantle8 and stop use fire control facilities and devices; 
(III) Those who do not remove serious fire danger after being informed by public security fire control institutions; 
Units with the conduct of this article shall be punished in accordance with rules of this article; and the person in charge with direct responsibility or other personnel with direct responsibility shall be disciplinary warning or penalty. 
Those who have the conduct listed in item 2 of Clause 1, shall be further ordered to make restoration or compensate9 the losses within a time limit; for those who do not make the restoration after the time limit, a forcible execution will be carried out on the dismantle or cleaning up at the expense of the person(s) with illegal conduct. 
第四十九条 公共场所发生火灾时,该公共场所的现场工作人员不履行组织、引导在场群众疏散的义务,造成人身伤亡,尚不构成犯罪的,处十五日以下拘留。
Article 49 On site working staff of public places, in case of a fire, do not perform the obligation of organizing and guiding the evacuation of the on site masses, and cause casualty and death, but do not constitute a criminal charge, shall be punished with detention less than 15 days. 
第五十条 火灾扑灭后,为隐瞒、掩饰起火原因、推卸责任,故意破坏现场或者伪造现场,尚不构成犯罪的,处警告、罚款或者十五日以下拘留。
Article 50 For those who, after a fire is extinguished, deliberately destroy the fire site or make a simulated scene in the purpose of concealing10 and covering up fire causes and shirking their responsibility, but do not constitute a criminal charge, shall be given disciplinary warning or penalty and the person in charge with direct responsibility or other personnel with direct responsibility shall be punished in accordance with this article. 
第五十一条 对违反本法规定的处罚,由公安消防机构裁决。
Article 51 The punishment on conducts violating the rules of this law shall be decided11 by public security fire control institutions; 
punishment of detention shall be decided by public security organs in accordance with rules of penal2 clauses on public order administration. #p#分页标题#e#
第五十二条 公安消防机构的工作人员在消防工作中滥用职权、玩忽职守、徇私舞弊,有下列行为之一,给国家和人民利益造成损失,尚不构成犯罪的,依法给予行政处分: 
Article 52 The working staff of public security fire control institutions, in case of abusing their authority, ignoring their duty and playing favoritism and committing irregularities, and having one of the following conducts, causing loss to the benefit of the state and people, but having not constituted a criminal charge, shall be given administrative12 sanction in accordance with law: 
(I) Those who pass the examination and approval and acceptance check to fire control design and construction projects that do not conform to the state technical standards on fire control for construction projects; 
(II) Those who deliberately delay in giving and do not give examination and approval and acceptance check to fire control design and construction projects that shall be given examination and approval and acceptance check in accordance with law. 
(III) Those who do not inform relevant units or individual to make corrections when finding hidden danger of fire. 
(IV) Those who, in the capacity of their function, specify13 sales units or brands of fire control products or specify construction units of fire control facilities. 
(V) Other conducts involving abusing authority, dereliction of duty and playing favoritism and committing irregularities. 
第五十三条 有违反本法行为,构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。 
Article 53 Those who violate this law and commit a criminal offence will be punished as a crime. 
第五十四条 本法自1998年9月1日起施行。1984年5月11日第六届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第五次会议批准、1984年5月13日国务院公布的《中华人民共和国消防条例》同时作废。
Article 54 This law shall come into force as of September 1, 1998. Meanwhile, the "Regulations on Fire Control of the People's Republic of China" approved by the fifth meeting of the Standing14 Committee of the 6th National People's Congress on May 11, 1984 and promulgated15 by the State Council on May 13, 1984 shall be annulled16 simultaneously17.


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