中华人民共和国食品卫生法 4
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第十六条 食品添加剂的国家产品质量标准中有卫生学意义的指标,必须经国务院卫生行政部门审查同意。
Article 16 Norms of significance to the science of health to be included in the national quality standards for food additives1 must be examined and approved by the administrative2 department of public health under the State Council.
Appraisals3 on the safety for use of agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides4 and chemical fertilizers, shall be examined and approved by the administrative department of public health under the State Council.
Veterinary hygiene5 inspection6 procedures for slaughtered7 livestock8 and poultry9 shall be formulated10 jointly11 by the relevant administrative departments under the State Council and the administrative department of public health under the State Council.
第十七条 各级人民政府的食品生产经营管理部门应当加强食品卫生管理工作,并对执行本法情况进行检查。 
Article 17 The departments in charge of control of food production or marketing12 of the people's governments at various levels shall strengthen control of food hygiene and oversee13 the implementation14 of this Law.
The people's governments at various levels shall encourage and support efforts to improve food processing technology so as to promote the improvement of hygienic quality of food.
第十八条 食品生产经营企业应当健全本单位的食品卫生管理制度,配备专职或者兼职食品卫生管理人员,加强对所生产经营食品的检验工作。
Article 18 Enterprises engaged in food production or marketing shall improve their own system for food hygiene control, appoint full-time15 or part-time workers to control food hygiene and strengthen inspection of the foods they produce or market.
第十九条 食品生产经营企业的新建、扩建、改建工程的选址和设计应当符合卫生要求。其设计审查和工程验收必须有卫生行政部门参加。
Article 19 The selection of sites and the designs for construction, extension or renovation16 projects of enterprises engaged in food production or marketing shall meet hygiene requirements, and the administrative department of public health must participate in the examination of those designs and in the inspection and acceptance of finished projects.
第二十条 利用新资源生产的食品、食品添加剂的新品种,生产经营企在造投入生产前,必须提出该产品卫生评价和营养评价所需的资料,利用新的原材料生产的食品容器、包装材料和食品用工具、设备的新品种,生产经营企业在投入生产前,必须提出该产品卫生评价所需的资料。上述新品种在投入生产前还需提供样品,并按照规定的食品卫生标准审批程序报请审批。
Article 20 Before starting production of new varieties of food or food additives with new resources, the enterprises engaged in their production or marketing must submit the data required for evaluation17 of the hygiene and nutrition of such products; before starting production of new varieties of containers, packagings, utensils18 or equipment used for foods, with new raw or processed materials, the enterprises engaged in their production or marketing must submit the data required for evaluation of the hygiene of such products. Before the new varieties mentioned above are put into production, it shall also be necessary to provide samples of the varieties and the matter shall be reported for examination and approval in accordance with the specified19 procedures for examining and approving food hygiene standards.


1 additives cf3f12a049807f79b9faf1553e074059     
n.添加剂( additive的名词复数 )
  • chemical additives in petrol 汽油中的化学添加剂
  • It'says on the packet that these crisps contain no additives. 包装上说这些炸薯片不含添加剂。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 administrative fzDzkc     
  • The administrative burden must be lifted from local government.必须解除地方政府的行政负担。
  • He regarded all these administrative details as beneath his notice.他认为行政管理上的这些琐事都不值一顾。
3 appraisals 82b0aba4d96c75b71c09801177d6be82     
估计,估量,评价( appraisal的名词复数 )
  • He had read many detailed critical appraisals of her work. 他读了许多详细评论她的作品的文章。
  • The English themselves are somewhat insular in their literary appraisals. 英国人评价自己的文学,也不免有偏狭处。
4 pesticides abb0488ed6905584ea91347395a890e8     
n.杀虫剂( pesticide的名词复数 );除害药物
  • vegetables grown without the use of pesticides 未用杀虫剂种植的蔬菜
  • There is a lot of concern over the amount of herbicides and pesticides used in farming. 人们对农业上灭草剂和杀虫剂的用量非常担忧。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 hygiene Kchzr     
n.健康法,卫生学 (a.hygienic)
  • Their course of study includes elementary hygiene and medical theory.他们的课程包括基础卫生学和医疗知识。
  • He's going to give us a lecture on public hygiene.他要给我们作关于公共卫生方面的报告。
6 inspection y6TxG     
  • On random inspection the meat was found to be bad.经抽查,发现肉变质了。
  • The soldiers lined up for their daily inspection by their officers.士兵们列队接受军官的日常检阅。
7 slaughtered 59ed88f0d23c16f58790fb11c4a5055d     
v.屠杀,杀戮,屠宰( slaughter的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The invading army slaughtered a lot of people. 侵略军杀了许多人。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Hundreds of innocent civilians were cruelly slaughtered. 数百名无辜平民遭残杀。 来自《简明英汉词典》
8 livestock c0Wx1     
  • Both men and livestock are flourishing.人畜两旺。
  • The heavy rains and flooding killed scores of livestock.暴雨和大水淹死了许多牲口。
9 poultry GPQxh     
  • There is not much poultry in the shops. 商店里禽肉不太多。
  • What do you feed the poultry on? 你们用什么饲料喂养家禽?
10 formulated cfc86c2c7185ae3f93c4d8a44e3cea3c     
v.构想出( formulate的过去式和过去分词 );规划;确切地阐述;用公式表示
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  • This idea can be formulated in two different ways. 这个意思可以有两种说法。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
11 jointly jp9zvS     
  • Tenants are jointly and severally liable for payment of the rent. 租金由承租人共同且分别承担。
  • She owns the house jointly with her husband. 她和丈夫共同拥有这所房子。
12 marketing Boez7e     
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  • He often goes marketing.他经常去市场做生意。
13 oversee zKMxr     
  • Soldiers oversee the food handouts.士兵们看管着救济食品。
  • Use a surveyor or architect to oversee and inspect the different stages of the work.请一位房产检视员或建筑师来监督并检查不同阶段的工作。
14 implementation 2awxV     
  • Implementation of the program is now well underway.这一项目的实施现在行情看好。
15 full-time SsBz42     
  • A full-time job may be too much for her.全天工作她恐怕吃不消。
  • I don't know how she copes with looking after her family and doing a full-time job.既要照顾家庭又要全天工作,我不知道她是如何对付的。
16 renovation xVAxF     
  • The cinema will reopen next week after the renovation.电影院修缮后,将于下星期开业。
  • The building has undergone major renovation.这座大楼已进行大整修。
17 evaluation onFxd     
  • I attempted an honest evaluation of my own life.我试图如实地评价我自己的一生。
  • The new scheme is still under evaluation.新方案还在评估阶段。
18 utensils 69f125dfb1fef9b418c96d1986e7b484     
器具,用具,器皿( utensil的名词复数 ); 器物
  • Formerly most of our household utensils were made of brass. 以前我们家庭用的器皿多数是用黄铜做的。
  • Some utensils were in a state of decay when they were unearthed. 有些器皿在出土时已经残破。
19 specified ZhezwZ     
  • The architect specified oak for the wood trim. 那位建筑师指定用橡木做木饰条。
  • It is generated by some specified means. 这是由某些未加说明的方法产生的。
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