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Unit 1 stories
1. He was thirty-six, his youth had passed like a screaming eagle, leaving him old and disillusioned1.
他已三十六岁,青春像一路鸣叫的鹰,早已一闪而逝, 留给他的是衰老和幻灭.

2. average height  普通高度 3. gleaming eyes 两眼闪着光辉 
4. in his middle twenties 大概是二十五六岁的年龄

5. ignoring the chair offered him, Chu The stood squarely before this youth more than ten years his junior and in a level voice told him who he was, what he had done in the past, how he had fled from Yunnan, talked with Sun Yat-sen, been repulsed2 by Chen Tu-hsiu in Shanghai, and had come to Europe to find a new way of life for himself and a new revolutionary road for China.
朱德顾不得拉过来的椅子,端端正正地站在这个比他年轻十岁的青年面前,用平稳的语调, 说明自己的身份和经历: 他怎样逃出云南, 怎样会见孙中山, 怎样在上海被陈独秀拒绝, 怎样为了寻求自己的新的生活方式和中国的新的革命道路而来到欧洲.

6. When both visitors had told their stories, Chou smiled a little, said he would help them find rooms, and arrange for them to join the Berlin Communist group as candidates until their application had been sent to China and an answer received.
两位来客把经历说完后,周恩来微笑着说,他可以帮他们找到住的地方,替他们办理加入党在柏林的支部的手续, 在入党申请书寄往中国而尚未批准之前,暂时作候补党员.

7. Chinese Communist Party

8. 两条要求, 忠实------内容,  通顺-------语言

9. Several times on his trips to China, which he made as a guest of the Chinese Government, Bill’s birthday occurred while he was in Beijing.
以中国官方客人的身份, 比尔来访中国已多次了, 而且在北京停留期间恰适他生日也有好几次了.

10. ‘ This is for you,’ Bill Morrow heard on many occasions he would never forget----such as when he was taken a boat down the Grand Canal and every boat that passed sounded its siren in salutation. Or when he shown over the great Nanjing bridge, built where the ferries used to carry trains across the Changjiang River. He was given a chair and asked to wait a little as darkness came on, then suddenly the whole bridge was outlined in lights.
“这是为你安排的.” 这句话比尔.莫诺听到过好几次, 每一次都令他难以忘怀. 有一次, 他沿大运河乘船顺水而下,途经的每艘船都鸣笛致敬. 还有一次, 他参观雄伟的南京长江大桥------以前没桥时, 要靠轮渡托载火车横渡长江. 夜幕渐渐降临了, 他被安排坐下,并被告知稍坐等候, 然后突然间, 整个桥身被灯光勾画出了一个清晰的轮廊.

11. The most important day I remember in all my life is the one on which my teacher, Anne Mansfield Sulliven, came to me. I am filled with wonder when I consider the immeasurable contrast between the two lives which it connects.
在我的记忆里, 安妮.曼斯匪尔德.沙利文教师来的那一天,是我一生中最重要的日子. 从这一天开始, 我的生活与以前迥然不同, 一想到这一点, 我就感到非常兴奋.

12. On the afternoon of that eventful day, I stood on the porch, dumb, expectant.
那天下午,我一声不响, 怀着期待的心情站在门廊里.

13. Have you been at sea in a dense3 fog, when it seemed as if a tangible4 white darkness shut you in ,and the great ship, tense and anxious, groped her way toward the shore with plummet5 and sounding-line and you waited with beating heart for something to happen? I was like that ship before my education began, only I was without compass or sounding-line, and had no way of knowing how near the harbour was. “ light! Give me light!” was the wordless cry of my soul, and the light of love shone on me in that very hour.
不知你是否有过这样的经历---在海上航行遇上了大雾,周围一片白,好像着实把你关在一个黑暗的地方,大船上的人又紧张又着急, 一面用铅锤探测深浅,一面向岸边慢慢驶去, 你的心也怦怦直跳,生怕出事. 我在开始受教育之前, 就像这样一条船, 只是没有罗盘, 没有测探绳, 也无法知道离海港有多远. “光明!给我光明!” 这就是发自我内心深处的无言的呼唤, 也就在这时候, 爱心的光芒照到了我的身上.

14. Someone took it, and I was caught up and held close in the arms of her who had come to reveal all things to me, and, more than all things else, to love me.
有个人握住了我的手, 于是我被抱了起来, 紧紧地抈在了她的怀里. 正是她来到我的身边, 将一切展切在我面前, 更重要的是, 是她将爱带给了我.

15. monkey-like imitation.

16. In the days that followed, I learned to spell in this uncomprehending way a great many words, among them pin, hat, cup and a few verbs like sit, stand and walk.
接下来的几天里, 我在根本不知自己在做什么样情况下,学会了拼好些单词, 比如PIN, HAT, CUP 及一些动词, 如SIT, STAND AND WALK.

17. That was because I saw everything with the strange, new sight that had come to me. On entering the door I remembered the doll I had broken. I felt my way to hearth6 and picked up the pieces, I tried vainly to put them together.
那是因为我正用一种刚刚获得的全新而奇特的视角来看待一切事物. 进屋时,我想起了被我弄坏的那个娃娃. 我摸索着来到壁炉前, 拾起那些碎片, 试图将它们拼接在一起, 却没办到.

18. it would have been difficult to find a happier child than I was as I lay in my crib at the close of that eventful day and lived over the joys it had brought me, and for the first time longed for a new day to come.
当那感概万千的一天快要结束时, 我躺在自己的小床里, 感受这一天带给我的那些快乐, 我觉得没有人比我更幸福了. 一生中第一次,我期待着新一天的来临.

19. 一切旧的传统观念, 一切阻止社会进步和人性发展的不合理的制度.
All outmoded traditional thinking; any irrational7 system which obstructs8 social progress or human development.

20. 我觉得有一根鞭子在抽打我的心, 又觉得仿佛有什么鬼魂借我的笔为自己伸冤一样.
I felt as if my mind was being whipped, as if a ghost had commandeered my pen and was writing to redress9 the injustices10 it had suffered.

On another occasion.

22. 长得好看的人用不着浓妆艳抹, 而我的文章就像一个丑八怪, 不打扮, 看起来倒还顺眼些.
Physically11 attractive people don’t need heavy make-up. Though my writing resembles an ugly monster, it actually looks a little better without any embellishment.

22. 我最恨那些盗名欺世, 欺骗读者的谎言。
This means I oppose fabrication, deception12 and flowery language. What I hate most are those glory-seeking writers who deceive the public with their lies.

23. 就学习英语而言,有三个方面值得注意:拼法正确,合乎用法---一个词怎么用,和哪个词连用,很有讲究。句子平稳—合乎语法。

1. The country was a place where men worked from dawn to dark, and the labourer lived not in the sun, but in poverty and darkness. What aids there were to lighten labour were immemorial, like the mill, which was already ancient in Chaucer’s time. The industrial Revolution began with such machines; the millwrights were the engineers of the coming age. James Brindley of Staffordashire started his self-made career in 1733 by working at mill wheels, at the age of seventeen, having been born poor in a village.

2. in the air

3.multi-purpose machine

4. Brindley had begun on his own account, out of interest, to survey the waterways that he traveled as he went about his engineering projects for mills and mines.

5. they often had little education, and in fact school education as it then was could only dull an inventive mind.

6. arteries13 of communication

7. these things had been manufactured in villages which were growing into towns now, away from London; it was a country-wide trade.


9. It is not alone: it forms one of a triad of revolutions, of which the other two were the American Revolution that started in 1775, and the French Revolution that started in 1789. It may seem strange to put into the same pocket an industrial revolution and two political revolutions.

10. cottage industry

11.what makes the Industrial Revolution so peculiarly English is that it is rooted in the countryside.

12. During the first half of the eighteenth century, in the old age of Newton and the decline of the Royal Society, England basked14 in a last Indian summer of village industry and the overseas trade of merchant adventures.

13. Eventually, though a few communities continued to be devoted15 almost exclusively to mining, the real wealth of Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and California proved to be in the grass of soil.

14. readability, 读起来上口,顺。所谓翻译,是翻译意思,而不是翻译词句。只要抓住了意思,译文在词句上可以有一定的灵活性。

15. Despite the great gains in industry, agriculture remained the nation’s basic occupations. The revolution in agriculture----paralleling that in manufacturing after the war involved a shift from hand labor16 to machine farming, and from subsistence to commercial agriculture. Between 1686 and 1910, the number of farms in the United States trebled, increasing from 2 million to 6 million while the area farmed more than doubled from 160 million to 352 million hectares.

16. In 1840, Cyrus McCormick performed a miracle by cutting from two to two-and-a-half hectares a day with the curious machine he had been developing for nearly 10 years.

17. In 1862, the Morrill Land-Grant College Act

18. industrial colleges, appropriated fund, were at work.
农业院校, 下拨款项,  展开了科研活动。

19. 五四运动是反帝国主义的运动,又是反封建的运动. 五四运动的杰出的历史意思,在于它带着为辛亥革命还不曾有的姿态, 这就是彻底地不妥协地反帝国主义和彻底地不妥协地反封建主义.
The May 4th Movement was an anti-imperialist as well as an anti-feudal17 movement. Its outstanding historical significance is to be seen in a feature which was absent from the Revolution of 1911, namely, its thorough and uncompromising opposition18 to imperialism19 as well as to feudalism.

20. 五四运动所进行的文化革命则是彻底地反对封建文化的运动,自有中国历史以来,还没有过这样伟大而彻底的文化革命.
May 4th Movement was uncompromising in its opposition to feudal culture; there had never been such a great and thoroughgoing cultural revolution since the dawn of Chinese history.

21. 五四运动是在思想上和干部上准备了一九二一年中国共产党的成立,又准备了五?运动和北伐战争.
Both in ideology20 and in the matter of cadres, the May 4th Movement paved the way for the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921 and for the May 30th Movement in 1925 and the Northern Expedition.

22. 上海,唐山,长辛店等地工人纷纷罢工示威, 中国工人阶级第一次作为觉悟了的独立的政治力量登上政治舞台,显示了它的伟大力量.
Workers in Shanghai, Tanghsna, Changxindian and etc, went on strike to express their disapproval21. As an awakened22, independent, political strength, Chinese working class stepped on the political stage for the first time and illuminated23 its tremendous power.

23. 在全国人民反帝爱国斗争的压力下, 北洋军阀政府被迫释放被捕学生,撤销三个卖国?的职务,拒绝在对德”和约”上签字,反帝反封建斗争取得了初步胜利.
Under the pressure of a nationwide patriotic24 struggle against imperialism, the Northern Warlord government had to release those arrested students, remove the 3 traitors25 from their posts and refuse to sign on the Peace Treaty with Germany. The struggle against imperialism and feudalism has achieved a foundemental victory.

24. 五四运动是一次彻底的不妥协的反帝反封建的革命运动, 它促成了中国工人运动同马克思主义的结合, 在思想上和干部上为中国共产党的成立作了准备, 是中国新民主主义革命的开端.
May 4th Movement is a revolutionary movement with a thorough and uncompromising opposition to imperialism and feudalism. It prompted the combination of Chinese workers’ movement and Marxism and, both in ideology and in the matter cadres, paved the way for the founding of Chinese Communist Party. It was the beginning of the Chinese New Democratic Revolution.

25. Scarcely less important than machinery26 in the agricultural revolution was science. In 1862, the Morrill Land-Grant College Act allotted27 public land to each state for the establishment of agricultural and industrial colleges.
在农业革命中与机械几乎同等重要的是科学.1862年,根据”莫里尔公地兴法案”, 国会把公用地分配给各州,以便建立农业和工业学院.

26. the revolution in agriculture---paralleling that in manufacturing after the war involved a shift from hand labor to machine farming, and from subsistence to commercial agriculture.

1. All this suggested ancient harmonies.

2. The devastating28 floods and droughts that imposed a recurrent tax of suffering on the fellahin no longer occur.

3. About six years ago it became an island. Day by day the sea is eating the land----the dam has stopped the sediment29 of the Nile from replenishing the shoreline.
大约六年前, 那地方变成了一个小岛.海水一天天冲刷陆地----水坝已经使得尼罗河的泥沙无法沉积下来加固海岸了.

4. 旧的教学法只管三件事,识汉字, 读汉字读物, 写汉字作文. 冰心在<北京晚报>发表过一篇文章:”漫谈赏花和玩猫”.

5.Tombs and temples of ancient Egypt follow the Nile well into Sudan. Driving southward from Cairo into the valley, I entered a landscape that owed little to the present era. For the next 1800 miles the thin blue ribbon of the Nile, flowing slowly north, unwound over brown soil and green fields, some only a few yards wide, others as broad as an Iowa cornfield. At the edge of the fields, rising in dramatic hills or stretching flat to the horizon, lay the brown barren deserts.

6. I had the illusion that I was driving through one immensely long, narrow farm.

7. the road followed the course of the Nile, now passing through the fields, now drawing a black line separating them from the desert.

8. as the flood receded30, the water draining through the soil leached31 out the salts and carried them off to the Mediterranean32.
洪水退去时, 下渗土壤的水会冲走土里的盐分,并最终把盐带入地中海.

9. it enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

10. The fertility of the surrounding plains, easy access to the Murray lowlands to the east and southeast, and the presence of mineral deposits in the nearby hills all contributed to the city’s growth.
四周平原土壤肥沃,与东和东南方的墨累低地相通.附近山区有矿藏. 原为早期农贸中心, 现已工业化.

11. The Adelaide Festival of Arts was the first international celebration of its kind to be held in Australia.
12. Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is one of Australia’s best-planned cities.
南澳大利亚的首府,阿德莱德, 是澳大利亚布局最精巧的城市之一.

13. Belts of parklands line three sides of the area and four large open squares of lawns and trees break the regularity33 of the city buildings. North Adelaide, which is chiefly residential34, is bordered by more parklands, and contains two open squares. N and S Adelaide are divided by the Torrens River, spanned by four bridge and lined with ornamental35 gradens.

14. The city contains many fine examples of early Australian architecture, including the town hall on King Wiiliam Street---the wide main N-S thoroughfare.

15. jets of water, aluminium36 sculptures, draws its water.

16. Parklands, which separate the city and the suburbs, are preserved in the perpetuity for the use of the people.

17. The Imperial Palace

18. Of particular interest if you have time might be the Imperial Ancestral Temple, which is to the right, and the Sun Yat-Sen Park, on the left.

19. Covering an area of 175 acres, the Palace is enclosed by walls over 35ft high and surrounded by a moat 57yd wide.

20. the Palace Museum, with four gates, has its main entrance to the south, known as the Meridian37 Gate. This is the gate you will approach as you continue along the cobbled roadway from Tian An Men. The Imperial Palace is divided into two ceremonial areas: the Outer Palace and the Inner Court. Through the Meridian Gate and across the Golden Water Bridge, one comes to the Gate of Supreme38 Harmony, the main gate of the Outer Palace. The main building in the Outer Palace are the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Preserving Harmony.


1 disillusioned Qufz7J     
  • I soon became disillusioned with the job. 我不久便对这个工作不再抱幻想了。
  • Many people who are disillusioned in reality assimilate life to a dream. 许多对现实失望的人把人生比作一场梦。
2 repulsed 80c11efb71fea581c6fe3c4634a448e1     
v.击退( repulse的过去式和过去分词 );驳斥;拒绝
  • I was repulsed by the horrible smell. 这种可怕的气味让我恶心。
  • At the first brush,the enemy was repulsed. 敌人在第一次交火时就被击退了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 dense aONzX     
  • The general ambushed his troops in the dense woods. 将军把部队埋伏在浓密的树林里。
  • The path was completely covered by the dense foliage. 小路被树叶厚厚地盖了一层。
4 tangible 4IHzo     
  • The policy has not yet brought any tangible benefits.这项政策还没有带来任何实质性的好处。
  • There is no tangible proof.没有确凿的证据。
5 plummet s2izN     
  • Mengniu and Yili have seen their shares plummet since the incident broke.自事件发生以来,蒙牛和伊利的股票大幅下跌。
  • Even if rice prices were to plummet,other brakes on poverty alleviation remain.就算大米价格下跌,其它阻止导致贫困的因素仍然存在。
6 hearth n5by9     
  • She came and sat in a chair before the hearth.她走过来,在炉子前面的椅子上坐下。
  • She comes to the hearth,and switches on the electric light there.她走到壁炉那里,打开电灯。
7 irrational UaDzl     
  • After taking the drug she became completely irrational.她在吸毒后变得完全失去了理性。
  • There are also signs of irrational exuberance among some investors.在某些投资者中是存在非理性繁荣的征象的。
8 obstructs 2417bdaaf73a3f20b8586b2869692c21     
阻塞( obstruct的第三人称单数 ); 堵塞; 阻碍; 阻止
  • The cirrhotic process obstructs the intrahepatic portion of the portal venous system. 肝硬化使门脉系统的肝内部分受阻。
  • A device or means that obstructs, blocks, or plugs up. 堵塞的方法:阻碍,阻挠或堵塞的工具或途径。
9 redress PAOzS     
  • He did all that he possibly could to redress the wrongs.他尽了一切努力革除弊端。
  • Any man deserves redress if he has been injured unfairly.任何人若蒙受不公平的损害都应获得赔偿。
10 injustices 47618adc5b0dbc9166e4f2523e1d217c     
不公平( injustice的名词复数 ); 非正义; 待…不公正; 冤枉
  • One who committed many injustices is doomed to failure. 多行不义必自毙。
  • He felt confident that his injustices would be righted. 他相信他的冤屈会受到昭雪的。
11 physically iNix5     
  • He was out of sorts physically,as well as disordered mentally.他浑身不舒服,心绪也很乱。
  • Every time I think about it I feel physically sick.一想起那件事我就感到极恶心。
12 deception vnWzO     
  • He admitted conspiring to obtain property by deception.他承认曾与人合谋骗取财产。
  • He was jailed for two years for fraud and deception.他因为诈骗和欺诈入狱服刑两年。
13 arteries 821b60db0d5e4edc87fdf5fc263ba3f5     
n.动脉( artery的名词复数 );干线,要道
  • Even grafting new blood vessels in place of the diseased coronary arteries has been tried. 甚至移植新血管代替不健康的冠状动脉的方法都已经试过。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • This is the place where the three main arteries of West London traffic met. 这就是伦敦西部三条主要交通干线的交汇处。 来自《简明英汉词典》
14 basked f7a91e8e956a5a2d987831bf21255386     
v.晒太阳,取暖( bask的过去式和过去分词 );对…感到乐趣;因他人的功绩而出名;仰仗…的余泽
  • She basked in the reflected glory of her daughter's success. 她尽情地享受她女儿的成功带给她的荣耀。
  • She basked in the reflected glory of her daughter's success. 她享受着女儿的成功所带给她的荣耀。 来自《简明英汉词典》
15 devoted xu9zka     
  • He devoted his life to the educational cause of the motherland.他为祖国的教育事业贡献了一生。
  • We devoted a lengthy and full discussion to this topic.我们对这个题目进行了长时间的充分讨论。
16 labor P9Tzs     
  • We are never late in satisfying him for his labor.我们从不延误付给他劳动报酬。
  • He was completely spent after two weeks of hard labor.艰苦劳动两周后,他已经疲惫不堪了。
17 feudal cg1zq     
  • Feudal rulers ruled over the country several thousand years.封建统治者统治这个国家几千年。
  • The feudal system lasted for two thousand years in China.封建制度在中国延续了两千年之久。
18 opposition eIUxU     
  • The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard.该党领袖在自己的党內遇到了反对。
  • The police tried to break down the prisoner's opposition.警察设法制住了那个囚犯的反抗。
19 imperialism jc1zE     
  • They held the imperialism in contempt.他们鄙视帝国主义。
  • Imperialism has not been able to subjugate China.帝国主义不能征服中国。
20 ideology Scfzg     
  • The ideology has great influence in the world.这种思想体系在世界上有很大的影响。
  • The ideal is to strike a medium between ideology and inspiration.我的理想是在意识思想和灵感鼓动之间找到一个折衷。
21 disapproval VuTx4     
  • The teacher made an outward show of disapproval.老师表面上表示不同意。
  • They shouted their disapproval.他们喊叫表示反对。
22 awakened de71059d0b3cd8a1de21151c9166f9f0     
v.(使)醒( awaken的过去式和过去分词 );(使)觉醒;弄醒;(使)意识到
  • She awakened to the sound of birds singing. 她醒来听到鸟的叫声。
  • The public has been awakened to the full horror of the situation. 公众完全意识到了这一状况的可怕程度。 来自《简明英汉词典》
23 illuminated 98b351e9bc282af85e83e767e5ec76b8     
  • Floodlights illuminated the stadium. 泛光灯照亮了体育场。
  • the illuminated city at night 夜幕中万家灯火的城市
24 patriotic T3Izu     
  • His speech was full of patriotic sentiments.他的演说充满了爱国之情。
  • The old man is a patriotic overseas Chinese.这位老人是一位爱国华侨。
25 traitors 123f90461d74091a96637955d14a1401     
卖国贼( traitor的名词复数 ); 叛徒; 背叛者; 背信弃义的人
  • Traitors are held in infamy. 叛徒为人所不齿。
  • Traitors have always been treated with contempt. 叛徒永被人们唾弃。
26 machinery CAdxb     
  • Has the machinery been put up ready for the broadcast?广播器材安装完毕了吗?
  • Machinery ought to be well maintained all the time.机器应该随时注意维护。
27 allotted 5653ecda52c7b978bd6890054bd1f75f     
分配,拨给,摊派( allot的过去式和过去分词 )
  • I completed the test within the time allotted . 我在限定的时间内完成了试验。
  • Each passenger slept on the berth allotted to him. 每个旅客都睡在分配给他的铺位上。
28 devastating muOzlG     
  • It is the most devastating storm in 20 years.这是20年来破坏性最大的风暴。
  • Affairs do have a devastating effect on marriages.婚外情确实会对婚姻造成毁灭性的影响。
29 sediment IsByK     
  • The sediment settled and the water was clear.杂质沉淀后,水变清了。
  • Sediment begins to choke the channel's opening.沉积物开始淤塞河道口。
30 receded a802b3a97de1e72adfeda323ad5e0023     
v.逐渐远离( recede的过去式和过去分词 );向后倾斜;自原处后退或避开别人的注视;尤指问题
  • The floodwaters have now receded. 洪水现已消退。
  • The sound of the truck receded into the distance. 卡车的声音渐渐在远处消失了。
31 leached 2a51e90e65eccfce6862c808dfa40a5a     
v.(将化学品、矿物质等)过滤( leach的过去式和过去分词 );(液体)过滤,滤去
  • They believe that the humic materials are leached from decaying plant materials. 他们认为腐植物料是从腐烂的植物体浸沥而来。 来自辞典例句
  • The concept holds that uranium is leached by groundwater from tuffeceous rocks. 该理论认为,来自凝灰岩的地下水淋蚀铀。 来自辞典例句
32 Mediterranean ezuzT     
  • The houses are Mediterranean in character.这些房子都属地中海风格。
  • Gibraltar is the key to the Mediterranean.直布罗陀是地中海的要冲。
33 regularity sVCxx     
  • The idea is to maintain the regularity of the heartbeat.问题就是要维持心跳的规律性。
  • He exercised with a regularity that amazed us.他锻炼的规律程度令我们非常惊讶。
34 residential kkrzY3     
  • The mayor inspected the residential section of the city.市长视察了该市的住宅区。
  • The residential blocks were integrated with the rest of the college.住宿区与学院其他部分结合在了一起。
35 ornamental B43zn     
  • The stream was dammed up to form ornamental lakes.溪流用水坝拦挡起来,形成了装饰性的湖泊。
  • The ornamental ironwork lends a touch of elegance to the house.铁艺饰件为房子略添雅致。
36 aluminium uLjyc     
n.铝 (=aluminum)
  • Aluminium looks heavy but actually it is very light.铝看起来很重,实际上却很轻。
  • If necessary, we can use aluminium instead of steel.如果必要,我们可用铝代钢。
37 meridian f2xyT     
  • All places on the same meridian have the same longitude.在同一子午线上的地方都有相同的经度。
  • He is now at the meridian of his intellectual power.他现在正值智力全盛期。
38 supreme PHqzc     
  • It was the supreme moment in his life.那是他一生中最重要的时刻。
  • He handed up the indictment to the supreme court.他把起诉书送交最高法院。