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146.As one of the youngest professors inthe university,Mr.Brown is certainly on the _____ of a brilliant career.
A) porch
B) threshold
C) edge
D) course

147.They are _____ investors1 who always make thorough investigations2 both on local and international markets before making an investment.
A) indecisive
B) implicit3
C) cautious
D) conscious

148.Most people in the modern world _____ freedom and independence more than anything else.
A) illuminate4
B) fascinate
C) cherish
D) embody5

149.Doctors are interested in using lasers as a surgical6 tool in operations on people who are _____ to heart attack.
A) prone7
B) disposed
C) infections
D) accessible

150.These were stubborn men,not easily _____ to change their mind.
A) tilted8
B) converted
C) persuaded
D) suppressed

151.The circus has always been very popular because it _____ both the old and the young.
A) facilitates
B) fascinates
C) immerses
D) indulges

152.By patient questioning the lawyer managed to _____ enough information from the witnesses.
A) evacuate9
B) withdraw
C) impart
D) elicit10

153.George enjoys talking about people's private affairs.He is a _____.
A) solicitor
B) coward
C) gossip
D) rebel


146.B 参考译文:作为大学最年轻的教授之一,布朗先生正处于辉煌事业的开始阶段。
A) porch 门廊
B) threshold 门槛,开端,on the threshold of指刚刚开始,在...的开始,快要
C) edge 边缘,刀刃,on the edge of指在...的边上
D) course 过程,航线,in the course of表示在...的过程中, on course表示航线/航向正确,但没有on the course of这种表达方式。

147.C 参考译文:他们是谨慎的投资者,在做出每笔投资前,总是要对当地和国际市场进行彻底调查。
A) indecisive 优柔寡断的,非决定性的
B) implicit 暗示的,含蓄的
C) cautious 谨慎的,小心的
D) conscious 有意识的,清醒的,故意的

148.C 参考译文:当今世界的绝大多数人珍视自由和独立胜于其他任何事物。
A) illuminate 阐明,启发,照亮
B) fascinate 吸引,迷住
C) cherish 珍视,珍惜
D) embody 具体表现,包括

149.A 参考译文:医生们很乐意为容易受到心脏病侵袭的病人实施激光外科手术。
A) prone be pronde to是固定搭配,意为“易于...的,倾向于...的”
B) disposed 倾向于,乐意,be disposed for sth./be disposed to do sth.愿意做某事,而句中结构是be...to sth.
C) infections 感染的
D) accessible 能接近的,能得到的

150.C 参考译文:他们很固执,不容易被说服改变主意。
A) tilted 使倾斜
B) converted 使改变
C) persuaded 说服
D) suppressed 抑制

151.B 参考译文:马戏团总是很受欢迎,因为它吸引老人也吸引年轻人。
A) facilitates 使容易,使便利
B) fascinates 吸引,使着迷
C) immerses 沉浸,使陷入,常和in连用
D) indulges 沉溺,纵容,常和in连用

152.D 参考译文:通过耐心询问,律师从证人口中得到足够信息。
A) evacuate 疏散,撤离
B) withdraw 撤回,取回,withdraw sb./sth. from sth.从...中撤回某人(取回某物)
C) impart 通知,impart sth. to sb.将某事通知某人,不与from连用
D) elicit 诱出,探出,elicit sth. from sb.从某人处探出(事实,反应等)

153.C 参考译文:乔治喜欢谈论别人的私事,是个爱拨弄是非的人。
A) solicitor 事务律师
B) coward 胆小鬼
C) gossip 爱说闲话的人
D) rebel 反叛者


1 investors dffc64354445b947454450e472276b99     
n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 )
  • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
  • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的赚钱机会
2 investigations 02de25420938593f7db7bd4052010b32     
(正式的)调查( investigation的名词复数 ); 侦查; 科学研究; 学术研究
  • His investigations were intensive and thorough but revealed nothing. 他进行了深入彻底的调查,但没有发现什么。
  • He often sent them out to make investigations. 他常常派他们出去作调查。
3 implicit lkhyn     
  • A soldier must give implicit obedience to his officers. 士兵必须绝对服从他的长官。
  • Her silence gave implicit consent. 她的沉默表示默许。
4 illuminate zcSz4     
  • Dreams kindle a flame to illuminate our dark roads.梦想点燃火炬照亮我们黑暗的道路。
  • They use games and drawings to illuminate their subject.他们用游戏和图画来阐明他们的主题。
5 embody 4pUxx     
  • The latest locomotives embody many new features. 这些最新的机车具有许多新的特色。
  • Hemingway's characters plainly embody his own values and view of life.海明威笔下的角色明确反映出他自己的价值观与人生观。
6 surgical 0hXzV3     
  • He performs the surgical operations at the Red Cross Hospital.他在红十字会医院做外科手术。
  • All surgical instruments must be sterilised before use.所有的外科手术器械在使用之前,必须消毒。
7 prone 50bzu     
  • Some people are prone to jump to hasty conclusions.有些人往往作出轻率的结论。
  • He is prone to lose his temper when people disagree with him.人家一不同意他的意见,他就发脾气。
8 tilted 3gtzE5     
v. 倾斜的
  • Suddenly the boat tilted to one side. 小船突然倾向一侧。
  • She tilted her chin at him defiantly. 她向他翘起下巴表示挑衅。
9 evacuate ai1zL     
  • We must evacuate those soldiers at once!我们必须立即撤出这些士兵!
  • They were planning to evacuate the seventy American officials still in the country.他们正计划转移仍滞留在该国的70名美国官员。
10 elicit R8ByG     
  • It was designed to elicit the best thinking within the government. 机构的设置是为了在政府内部集思广益。
  • Don't try to elicit business secrets from me. I won't tell you anything. 你休想从我这里套问出我们的商业机密, 我什么都不会告诉你的。