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make out - manage;get along
mean to - intentional; on purpose
might as well - to have no strong reson not to
next to nothing - almost nothing; very inexpensive
not to mention - in addition
off balance - unaware; off guard
on the go - working or doing something all the time
on pins and needles - nervous; anxious; full of anticipation
on purpose - deliberately; intentionally
on the blink - not working properly;broken

on the right track - thinking or doing something correctly
on the tip of noe"s tongue - to be about to remember somthing
once in a blue moon - rarely; almost never
out of it - not involved in
pick up the tab - pay the bill or the cost of something
piece of cake - easy
play by ear - act spontaneously; without planning
pill it off - accomplish
pull one's leg - make fun of somenoe in a playgul way; make somenoe believe something that is not ture
quite a few - many

raise the roof -angry
right away - immediately
run for office - compete for an elected position
save one"s breath - to keep silent because talking would not achieve anyting
say that again - a saying that means; I agree completely
stone"s throw - short distance
search me - an answer that means; I don"t know
serves one right - is deserving of
sleep on it - think about something for a while
straighten up - clean up; make tidy

take a break - rest for a while; stop one's work or activity
think nothing of it - that"s all right
throw cold water on - discourage; lessen enthusiasm for
to say the least - at the lowest estimate
touch on - mention a subject briefly
under the water - not feeling well
wait around - waiting in vain
wait on - attend as a servant;serve
well worth the trouble - it deseres the inconvenience or trouble
whole new ballgame - an entirely different situation

with flying colors - succeed very well
without a hitch - without difficulty or delay