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far cry form - completely1 different from;a long way
feel like - have a desire or wish for
feel up to - feel well enough to or be capabele of
few and far between - not happening often; rate
figure out - determine; reason out by thinking
fill in for -take another"s place
fill - tell what sb. should know
fish out of water - out of one"s element or natural environment
flying colors -success,victory
for good - permanently; forever

for the time being - for now; temporarily
get away with - escape without punishment
get rid of - give something away; sell, destroy, or throw away something
get the ball rolling - start something; make a beginning
get the hang of - understand; learn
give a hand - help
go without saying - understood; clear without needing to be stated
go off -begin to ring
hang on - keep hold of; persevere;keep doing something
hard to come by - difficult to obtain

have a heart - have kind feelings; be understanding
have a hunch - have an idea based on feelings rather than reason
hold off - delay;postpone
hop to it - get started on something quickly
hit it off - get along well with someone
ill at ease - uncomfortable
in hot water - in trouble
in the air -uncertain
in the dark - keep someone without knowdge; information from somenoe
in the lone run - looking toward the future; eventually

ins and outs - all the details; the various parts and difficulties to be seen
iron out - remove the difficulties or find an answer for
jump to conclusions - arrive too quickly at a decision or opinion
keep an eye on - watch closely
keep one"sfingers crossed - wish that nothing goes wrong
keep on one"s toes - be ready for action; prepared
knock oneself out - make a great effort
learn the ropes - learn the rules and routines of a place or activity
little by little -gradually
make ends meet - to get just enough money for noe"s needs


1 completely lvmzzZ     
  • She never completely gave up hope.她从不完全放弃希望。
  • I feel completely in the dark on this question.这件事使我感到茫然。