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Passage 36
  Protein synthesis begins when the gene1 encoding a protein is activated2. The gene‘s sequence of nucleotides is transcribed3 into a molecule4 of messenger RNA (mRNA),which reproduces the information contained in that(5) sequence. Transported outside the nucleus5 to the cyto-plasm,the mRNA is translated into the protein it encodes by an organelle known as a ribosome, which strings6 together amino acids in the order specified7 by the sequence of elements in the mRNA molecule. Since the(10)amount of mRNA in a cell determines the amount of the corresponding protein, factors affecting the abundance of mRNA’s play a major part in the normal functioning of a cell by appropriately regulating protein synthesis. For example, an excess of certain proteins can cause cells(15) to proliferate8 abnormally and become cancerous; a lack of the protein insulin results in diabetes9.
  Biologists once assumed that the variable rates at which cells synthesize different mRNA‘s determine the  quantities of mRNA’s and their corresponding proteins(20) in a cell. However, recent investigations11 have shown that the concentrations of most mRNA‘s correlate best, not with their synthesis rate, but rather with the equally vari-able rates at which cells degrade the different mRNA’s in their cytoplasm. If a cell degrades both a rapidly and(25) a slowly synthesized mRNA slowly, both mRNA‘s will accumulate to high levels.
  An important example of this phenomenon is the development of red blood cells from their unspecialized parent cells in bone marrow13. For red blood cells to accu-(30)mulate sufficient concentrations of hemoglobin (which transports oxygen) to carry out their main function, the cells‘ parent cells must simultaneously14 produce more of the constituent15 proteins of hemoglobin and less of most other proteins. To do this, the parent cells halt synthesis(35) of nonhemoglobin mRNA’s in the nucleus and rapidly degrade copies of the nonhemoglobin mRNA‘s remaining  in the cytoplasm. Halting synthesis of mRNA alone would not affect the quantities of proteins synthesized by the mRNA’s still existing in the cytoplasm. Biologists now(40) believe that most cells can regulate protein production most efficiently16 by varying both mRNA synthesis and degradation17, as developing red cells do, rather than by just varying one or the other.

  1. The passage is primarily concerned with discussing the
   (A) influence of mRNA concentrations on the development of red blood cells
   (B) role of the synthesis and degradation of mRNA in cell functioning
   (C) mechanism18 by which genes19 are transcribed into mRNA
   (D) differences in mRNA concentrations in cell nuclei20 and in the cytoplasm
   (E) way in which mRNA synthesis contributes to the onset21 of diabetes

  2. The passage suggests that a biologist who held the view described in the first sentence of the second paragraph would most probably also have believed which of the following?
   (A) The rate of degradation of specific mRNA‘s has little effect on protein concentrations.
   (B) The rate of degradation of specific mRNA‘s should be studied intensively.
   (C) The rates of synthesis and degradation for any given mRNA are normally equal.
   (D) Different mRNA‘s undergo degradation at widely varying rates.
   (E) Most mRNA‘s degrade very rpaidly.

  3. Which of the following best describes the relationship between the second and third paragraphs of the passage?
   (A) The second paragraph presents arguments in support of a new theory and the third paragraph presents arguments against that same theory.
   (B) The second paragraph describes a traditional view and the third paragraph describes the view that has replaced it on the basis of recent investigations.
   (C) The third paragraph describes a specific case of a phenomenon that is described generally in the second paragraph.
   (D) The third paragraph describes an investigation10 that was undertaken to resolve problems raised by phenomena22 described in the second paragraph.
   (E) Both paragraphs describe in detail specific examples of the phenomenon that is introduced in the first paragraph.

  4. The accumulation of concentrations of hemoglobin in red blood cells is mentioned in the passage as an example of which of the following?
   (A) The effectiveness of simultaneous variation of the rates of synthesis and degradation of mRNA
   (B) The role of the ribosome in enabling a parent cell to develop properly into a more specialized12 form
   (C) The importance of activating23 the genes for particular proteins at the correct moment
   (D) The abnormal proliferation of a protein that threatens to make the cell cancerous
   (E) The kind of evidence that biologists relied on for support of a view of mRNA synthesis that is now considered obsolete24

  5. To begin to control a disease caused by a protein deficiency, the passage suggests that a promising25 experimental treatment would be to administer a drug that would reduce
   (A) only the degradation rate for the mRNA of the protein involved
   (B) only the synthesis rate for the mRNA of the protein involved
   (C) both the synthesis and degradation rates for the mRNA of the protein involved
   (D) the incidence of errors in the transcription of mRNA‘s from genetic26 nucleotide sequences
   (E) the rate of activity of ribosomes in the cytoplasm of most cells

  6. According to the passage, which of the following best describes the current view on the relationship between the synthesis and the degradation of mRNA in regulating protein synthesis?
   (A) Biologists have recently become convinced that the ribosome controls the rates of synthesis and degradation of mRNA.
   (B) There is no consensus27 among biologists as to the significance of mRNA degradation in regulating protein synthesis.
   (C) The concept of mRNA degradation is so new that most biologists still believe that the vital role in protein regulation belongs to mRNA synthesis.
   (D) Degradation of mRNA is now considered to be the key process and mRNA synthesis is no longer believed to play a significant role.
   (E) Degradation of mRNA is now considered to be as important as mRNA synthesis has been, and still is,believed to be.

  7. According to the passage, which of the following can happen when protein synthesis is not appropriately regulated?
   (A) Diabetes can result from errors that occur when the ribosomes translate mRNA into protein.
   (B) Cancer can result from an excess of certain proteins and diabetes can result from an insulin deficiency.
   (C) A deficiency of red blood cells can occur if bone marrow cells produce too much hemoglobin.
   (D) Cancer can be caused by excessively rapid degradation of certain amino acids in the cytoplasm of cells.
   (E) Excessive synthesis of one protein can trigger increased degradation of mRNA‘s for other proteinsand create severe protein imbalances.

  8. The passage suggests that a biologist who detected high levels of two proteins in a certain type of cell would be likely to consider which of the following as a possible explanation?
   (A) The rate of mRNA degradation for one of the proteins increases as this type of cell develops a more specialized function.
   (B) The two proteins are most likely constituents28 of a complex substance supporting the cells‘ specialized function.
   (C) The cells are likely to proliferate abnormally and possibly become cancerous due to the levels of these proteins.
   (D) The mRNA‘s for both proteins are being degraded at a low rate in that type of cell.
   (E) The mRNA‘s for the two proteins are being synthesized at identical rates in that type of cell.


1 gene WgKxx     
  • A single gene may have many effects.单一基因可能具有很多种效应。
  • The targeting of gene therapy has been paid close attention.其中基因治疗的靶向性是值得密切关注的问题之一。
2 activated c3905c37f4127686d512a7665206852e     
adj. 激活的 动词activate的过去式和过去分词
  • The canister is filled with activated charcoal.蒸气回收罐中充满了活性炭。
3 transcribed 2f9e3c34adbe5528ff14427d7ed17557     
(用不同的录音手段)转录( transcribe的过去式和过去分词 ); 改编(乐曲)(以适应他种乐器或声部); 抄写; 用音标标出(声音)
  • He transcribed two paragraphs from the book into his notebook. 他把书中的两段抄在笔记本上。
  • Every telephone conversation will be recorded and transcribed. 所有电话交谈都将被录音并作全文转写。
4 molecule Y6Tzn     
  • A molecule of water is made up of two atoms of hygrogen and one atom of oxygen.一个水分子是由P妈?f婘??妈?成的。
  • This gives us the structural formula of the molecule.这种方式给出了分子的结构式。
5 nucleus avSyg     
  • These young people formed the nucleus of the club.这些年轻人成了俱乐部的核心。
  • These councils would form the nucleus of a future regime.这些委员会将成为一个未来政权的核心。
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  • He sat on the bed,idly plucking the strings of his guitar.他坐在床上,随意地拨着吉他的弦。
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7 specified ZhezwZ     
  • The architect specified oak for the wood trim. 那位建筑师指定用橡木做木饰条。
  • It is generated by some specified means. 这是由某些未加说明的方法产生的。
8 proliferate uisyE     
  • We must not proliferate nuclear arms.我们决不能扩散核武器。
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11 investigations 02de25420938593f7db7bd4052010b32     
(正式的)调查( investigation的名词复数 ); 侦查; 科学研究; 学术研究
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  • He often sent them out to make investigations. 他常常派他们出去作调查。
12 specialized Chuzwe     
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14 simultaneously 4iBz1o     
  • The radar beam can track a number of targets almost simultaneously.雷达波几乎可以同时追着多个目标。
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15 constituent bpxzK     
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  • Gambling is always coupled with degradation.赌博总是与堕落相联系。
18 mechanism zCWxr     
  • The bones and muscles are parts of the mechanism of the body.骨骼和肌肉是人体的组成部件。
  • The mechanism of the machine is very complicated.这台机器的结构是非常复杂的。
19 genes 01914f8eac35d7e14afa065217edd8c0     
n.基因( gene的名词复数 )
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  • Differences will help to reveal the functions of the genes. 它们间的差异将会帮助我们揭开基因多种功能。 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 生物技术的世纪
20 nuclei tHCxF     
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23 activating 948eea612456562bf255d3a9c59c40a3     
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24 obsolete T5YzH     
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28 constituents 63f0b2072b2db2b8525e6eff0c90b33b     
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