Suffering is Self-Manufactured 痛苦源于自身
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I believe the immediate1 purpose of life is to live - to survive. All known forms of life go through life cycles. The basic plan is: birth - maturing - mating - reproducing - death.

Thus the immediate purpose of human life is for each individual to fulfill2 his life cycle. This involves proper maturing into the fully3 developed adult of the specie.

The pine tree grows straight unless harmful influences warp4 it. So does the human being. It is a finding of the greatest significance that the mature man and woman have the nature and characteristics of the good spouse5 and parent: the ability to enjoy responsible working and loving.

If the world consisted primarily of mature persons - loving, responsible, productive, toward family, friends and the world - most of our human problems would be resolved(解决,决定) .

But most people have suffered in childhood from influences which have warped6 their development. Hence, as adults they have not realized their full and proper nature. They feel something is wrong without knowing what it is. They feel inferior, frustrated7, insecure, and anxious. And they react to these inner feelings just as any animal reacts to any hurt or threat: by readiness(敏捷,迅速) to fight or to flee. Flight carries them into alcoholism and other mental disorders8. Fight impels9(推动,驱使) them to crime, cruelty, war.

This readiness to violence, this inhumanity of man to man, is the basic problem of human life - for, in the form of war, it now threatens to extinguish(熄灭,压制) us.

Without the fight-flight reaction, man would never have survived the cave and the jungle. But now, through social living, man has made himself relatively10 safe from the elements and wild beasts. He is even learning to protect himself against disease. He can produce adequate food, clothing and shelter for the present population of the earth. Barring a possible astronomical11 accident, he now faces no serious threat to his existence, except one - the fight-flight reaction within himself. This jungle readiness to hurt and to kill is now a vestigial(退化的,残余的) hangover like the appendix(附录,阑尾) , which interferes12 with the new and more powerful means of coping with nature through civilization. Trying to solve every problem by fighting or fleeing is the primitive13(原始的) method, still central for the immature14 child. The later method, understanding and co-operation, requires the mature capacities of the adult.

In an infantile(婴儿的,幼稚的) world, fighting may be forced upon one. Then it is more effective if handled maturely for mature goals. Probably war will cease only when enough people are mature.

The basic problem is social adaptation and biologic survival. The basic solution is for people to understand the nature of their own biological emotional maturity15, to work toward it, to help the children in their development toward it.

Human suffering is mostly made by man himself. It is primarily the result of the failure of adults, because of improper16 child-rearing, to mature emotionally. Hence instead of enjoying their capacities for responsible work and love, they are grasping(贪婪的) , egocentric(利己主义的) , insecure, frustrated, anxious and hostile. Maturity is the path from madness and murder to inner peace and satisfying living for each individual and for the human specie.

This I believe on the evidence of science and through personal observation and experience.


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