Love is a telephone 爱情是一部电话机
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Love is a telephone which always keeps silent when you are longing1 for(渴望) a call, but rings when you are not ready for it. As a result, we often miss the sweetness from the other end.

Love is a telephone which is seldom program-controlled or directly dialed. You cannot get an immediate2 answer by a mere3 "hello", let alone(更不必说) go deep into your lover's heart by one call. Usually it had to be relayed by an operator, and you have to be patient in waiting. Destiny is the operator of this phone, who is always irresponsible and fond of laying practical jokes to which she may make you a lifelong victim intentionally4(故意地,有意地) or unintentionally.

Love is a telephone which is always busy, When you are ready to die for love, you only find, to your disappointment, the line is already occupied by someone else, and you are greeted only by a busy line. This is an eternal regret handed down from generation to generation and you are only one of those who languish5 for(因渴望而苦恼) followers6.

Love is telephone, but it is difficult to seize the center time for dialing, and you will let slip the opportunity if your call is either too early or too late.

Love is a telephone which is not always associated with happiness. Honeyed words are transmitted by sound waves, but when the lovers are brought together, the phone servers no purpose that many lovers observe that marriage is the doom7 of love.

Love is a telephone which, when you use it for the first time, makes you so nervous and excited that you either hold the receiver upside down(颠倒,混乱) or dial the wrong number. By the time you've calmed down, you will beat a loss to whom you should make the call.

Love is a telephone which often has crossed lines. And this usually happens to you unexpectedly. Your time will either cross or be crossed. Both cases are refereed8 to as "triangle". Fortunately, all such occurrences are transient(短暂的,路过的) .


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  • Hearing the tune again sent waves of longing through her.再次听到那首曲子使她胸中充满了渴望。
  • His heart burned with longing for revenge.他心中燃烧着急欲复仇的怒火。
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  • His immediate neighbours felt it their duty to call.他的近邻认为他们有责任去拜访。
  • We declared ourselves for the immediate convocation of the meeting.我们主张立即召开这个会议。
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  • That is a mere repetition of what you said before.那不过是重复了你以前讲的话。
  • It's a mere waste of time waiting any longer.再等下去纯粹是浪费时间。
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  • I didn't say it intentionally. 我是无心说的。
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追随者( follower的名词复数 ); 用户; 契据的附面; 从动件
  • the followers of Mahatma Gandhi 圣雄甘地的拥护者
  • The reformer soon gathered a band of followers round him. 改革者很快就获得一群追随者支持他。
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  • The dictator met his doom after ten years of rule.独裁者统治了十年终于完蛋了。
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  • Your focus should be on getting papers published in refereed journals. 首要的就是发表文章,而且是在匿名审稿的杂志上。 来自互联网
  • It was a national judge who refereed the game. 执法这场比赛的是国家裁判。 来自互联网
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