The Miss of Love
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Wherever you are I'll always be here waiting for the day we can once meet again.

The miss of a lost love can darken the soul. Wishing to see her in the moonlight or day can cause pain and it does in my heart. Her walk was of a God and her eyes were of the dove1(鸽子). Lost am I in this world without her. Her touch her sound the kiss of forever and the words that came to be.

She died in my arms, and the pain will never go away. Some nights I cry praying for her to be here, but only alone I come to be. If only(要是…多好) someone knew how the pain burns like fire slowly burning the heart. Tears are the only memory of her and her smile.

No cure could be found and it was only up to God's time. So many things I still wanted to say to her and so much to do with so little time. Like to take a walk through a park and hold hands as the birds fly free with the wind or to make love on a beach as the waves crash to the shore. She was my true love and to see her go away kills my soul.

I did all I could to make her time happy, we talked about memories and stories, went to the tree outside our house were I asked her to marry me, but most of the time I just watched her get sicker and sicker and on the day of her death I blew out the candle of our dreams never to light it again.

Wherever you are I'll always be here waiting for the day we can once meet again. For when the day comes tears of the past will be gone and tears of the future will lead the way.


1 dove TuVzF5     
  • A dove is often used as a symbol of peace.鸽常作为和平的象征。
  • Paul seemed more impressed by the dove.保尔似乎对鸽子更感兴趣。
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