Afternoon Tea
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Tea is the steady companion of the Scottish day, and each hotel, no matter how humble1, stocks its rooms with supplies for brew-ups: electric pot for boiling water, ceramic2(陶瓷的) pot for brewing3, china cups and small tea-creamers, a raft of teas, honey, fresh milk, and lemons. This is a delight and astonishment4, for not only is there no such thing in American hotels, but room service even in respectable ones, when asked for tea with milk, can deliver a plastic jug5 of tepid6 water(温水), this covered by a square of Saran Wrap, and a drinking glass of milk. To request tea in an American office is often to throw the receptionist into a swivet: he or she believes that there is tea somewhere in the corporate7 pantry, but where? One prefers not to ask rather than to send this person on a scavenger8 mission, especially because the tea, if found, is a grim bag-tea like Red Rose. 
Naturally, one might as well ask for a trip to Bombay as to ask for looseleaf Earl grey, or first-flush Darjeeling, or Assam tips. Home is a fluid place; each day at four o'clock, I could easily be an expatriate.
One afternoon we are poking9 up the rocky coastline from Black Craig near Stromness north past Skara Brae to Brough Head; this western end of the island is folded and fissured10 in a steady cascade11 of bays, headlands, gloups, caves, and the handsome invasions of ocean into the land that are called geos. These places are named Lyre, Nebo, Axna, Saed, Sand, and Skipi, in a succession of sounds as quirky and original as the land. We wind slowly north toward Skipi Geo just around the Brough of Birsay, stopping to walk Marwick Head. The wide plateau at the summit of the cliff tilts12 at a precipitous angle toward the sea, covered with great, loose, cracked plates of flagstone in thin layers: orange, grey, ochraceous rocks that will weather into fertile soil or be pried13 up for roofing flags if they do not first slide into the sea. The bluff14 perpetually wet and glistening15, and cold water pools dot the depressions and rectangular fissures16 in the rock. Over the exposed plateau, wind blows in steadily17 and coldly from the sea. This is the home of the largest and most spectacular seabird colony on Mainland; some thiry-five thousand guillemots, ten thousand kittiwakes, as well as fulmars and razorbills, who favor the eroded18 flagstone ledges19 for nesting and the abundance of shoaling fish for eating. But in this stormy weather, only a few guillemots -- auks, and clumsy on land -- bumble along the slabs20 of pitted rock cliff. For miles to the west, there is flat, grey, choppy ocean; for miles to the east, a grey, clouded sky under which low, treeless fields roll smoothly21 into the moors22.
It is nearing four o'clock in the afternoon, and sure enough, parked just off the road, overlooking the pungent23(辛辣的) tidal flats, we come upon a small caravan24(大篷车) camper with its aluminum25 door open to a late-middle-aged Scottish couple, sitting at a folding table, taking tea and biscuits. Passing by, one only has a glimpse: his thick, white socks and heavy black shoes; her plump pear form and print dress; the electric kettle on the table. The archaeologists are puzzled as to why the people of ancient Skara Brae would locate their huts so close to the sea, and have surmised26 that in fact the settlement was originally located in a protected hollow, that time has eroded the shoreline inland toward the huts. That would make sense. Indeed, when presented at Skara Brae with the lure27 of a sparkling sea and the howling wind, we ourselves tucked into the hollow of a dune28 for lunch, eating cheese and apples in the sun with wind skimming our heads, blowing the sand into rippling29 ridges30, flattening31 the beach grasses. Probably the archaeologists are right, but this utterly32 typical sense of Scottish domesticity blithely33 planted at the edge of harsh cliffs, afternoon tea conducted in the wind and cold, suggests another possibility.


1 humble ddjzU     
  • In my humble opinion,he will win the election.依我拙见,他将在选举中获胜。
  • Defeat and failure make people humble.挫折与失败会使人谦卑。
2 ceramic lUsyc     
  • The order for ceramic tiles has been booked in.瓷砖的订单已登记下来了。
  • Some ceramic works of art are shown in this exhibition.这次展览会上展出了一些陶瓷艺术品。
3 brewing eaabd83324a59add9a6769131bdf81b5     
n. 酿造, 一次酿造的量 动词brew的现在分词形式
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  • She set about brewing some herb tea. 她动手泡一些药茶。
4 astonishment VvjzR     
  • They heard him give a loud shout of astonishment.他们听见他惊奇地大叫一声。
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5 jug QaNzK     
  • He walked along with a jug poised on his head.他头上顶着一个水罐,保持着平衡往前走。
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6 tepid Ggkyl     
  • She bent her mouth to the tap and drank the tepid water.她把嘴伸到水龙头底下去喝那微温的水。
  • Her feet firmly planted on the tepid rough brick of the floor.她一双脚稳固地立在微温而粗糙的砖地上。
7 corporate 7olzl     
  • This is our corporate responsibility.这是我们共同的责任。
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n. 刺,戳,袋 vt. 拨开,刺,戳 vi. 戳,刺,捅,搜索,伸出,行动散慢
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  • He spent his weekends poking around dusty old bookshops. 他周末都泡在布满尘埃的旧书店里。
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12 tilts 0949a40cec67d3492b7f45f6f0f9f858     
(意欲赢得某物或战胜某人的)企图,尝试( tilt的名词复数 )
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  • The two writers had a number of tilts in print. 这两位作家写过一些文章互相攻击。
13 pried 4844fa322f3d4b970a4e0727867b0b7f     
v.打听,刺探(他人的私事)( pry的过去式和过去分词 );撬开
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15 glistening glistening     
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22 moors 039ba260de08e875b2b8c34ec321052d     
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24 caravan OrVzu     
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25 aluminum 9xhzP     
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26 surmised b42dd4710fe89732a842341fc04537f6     
v.臆测,推断( surmise的过去式和过去分词 );揣测;猜想
  • From the looks on their faces, I surmised that they had had an argument. 看他们的脸色,我猜想他们之间发生了争执。
  • From his letter I surmised that he was unhappy. 我从他的信中推测他并不快乐。 来自《简明英汉词典》
27 lure l8Gz2     
  • Life in big cities is a lure for many country boys.大城市的生活吸引着许多乡下小伙子。
  • He couldn't resist the lure of money.他不能抵制金钱的诱惑。
28 dune arHx6     
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29 rippling b84b2d05914b2749622963c1ef058ed5     
  • I could see the dawn breeze rippling the shining water. 我能看见黎明的微风在波光粼粼的水面上吹出道道涟漪。
  • The pool rippling was caused by the waving of the reeds. 池塘里的潺潺声是芦苇摇动时引起的。
30 ridges 9198b24606843d31204907681f48436b     
n.脊( ridge的名词复数 );山脊;脊状突起;大气层的)高压脊
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  • Perhaps that was the deepest truth in Ridges's nature. 在里奇斯的思想上,这大概可以算是天经地义第一条了。
31 flattening flattening     
n. 修平 动词flatten的现在分词
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  • He busied his fingers with flattening the leaves of the book. 他手指忙着抚平书页。
32 utterly ZfpzM1     
  • Utterly devoted to the people,he gave his life in saving his patients.他忠于人民,把毕生精力用于挽救患者的生命。
  • I was utterly ravished by the way she smiled.她的微笑使我完全陶醉了。
33 blithely blithely     
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  • He blithely ignored her protests and went on talking as if all were agreed between them. 对她的抗议他毫不在意地拋诸脑后,只管继续往下说,仿彿他们之间什么都谈妥了似的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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