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1.The last bit of oxygen in your body is used up, and brain activity surges briefly1 as neurons stop working and the brain stops secreting2 hormones3 that regulate body function. 
The last of the energy stores (ATP) is used up and the sphincter relaxes, causing the body to release urine and excrement4
2. Between 15 and 25 minutes after death, the lack of blood flow to capillaries5 causes the skin to go pale. 
The heart is no longer beating, so blood is not being propelled around the body. 
As a result, the blood pools in the lower parts of the body. 
3. After 12 hours, the skin will have reached maximum discoloration (or a reddish purple colour). 
Calcium6 leaks into muscle cells, binding7 to proteins which are in charge of muscle contraction8
The stiffness referred to as rigor10 mortis sets in three to six hours after death, and lasts for between 24 and 48 hours. 
4. Dead cells and carbon dioxide causes the PH level of your skin tissue to rise. 
This makes the cell membrane11 weak and it bursts, releasing proteins and enzymes12 which further break down the surrounding tissue. 
This is the process of decomposition13
5. Micro-organisms start to break down your body. 
Bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract9 eats through the abdominal14 organs. 
This is called putrefaction15, and it causes the smell of death associated with a dead body. 
The breakdown16 of amino acids creates other strong-smelling acids which attract insects that lay eggs in the rotting tissue. 
The eggs hatch after 24 hours and the maggots eventually consume 60 percent of the body tissue over a number of weeks. 
6. Finally, the maggots create holes in the rotting flesh, which allow decomposition fluids and gases to escape. 
After a month and a half, beetles17 and fungi18 further consume the remains19
This is called dry decay which can take up to one year. 
Eventually, every part of the body will have been broken down and used.


1 briefly 9Styo     
  • I want to touch briefly on another aspect of the problem.我想简单地谈一下这个问题的另一方面。
  • He was kidnapped and briefly detained by a terrorist group.他被一个恐怖组织绑架并短暂拘禁。
2 secreting 47e7bdbfbae077baace25c92a8fda97d     
v.(尤指动物或植物器官)分泌( secrete的现在分词 );隐匿,隐藏
  • It is also an endocrine gland secreting at least two important hormones. 它也是一种内分泌腺,至少分泌二种重要的激素。 来自辞典例句
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3 hormones hormones     
n. 荷尔蒙,激素 名词hormone的复数形式
  • This hormone interacts closely with other hormones in the body. 这种荷尔蒙与体內其他荷尔蒙紧密地相互作用。
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  • The cage smelled of excrement.笼子里粪臭熏人。
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毛细管,毛细血管( capillary的名词复数 )
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n. 酶,酵素
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13 decomposition AnFzT     
n. 分解, 腐烂, 崩溃
  • It is said that the magnetite was formed by a chemical process called thermal decomposition. 据说这枚陨星是在热分解的化学过程中形成的。
  • The dehydration process leads to fairly extensive decomposition of the product. 脱水过程会导致产物相当程度的分解。
14 abdominal VIUya     
  • The abdominal aorta is normally smaller than the thoracic aorta.腹主动脉一般比胸主动脉小。
  • Abdominal tissues sometimes adhere after an operation.手术之后腹部有时会出现粘连。
15 putrefaction z0mzC     
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16 breakdown cS0yx     
  • She suffered a nervous breakdown.她患神经衰弱。
  • The plane had a breakdown in the air,but it was fortunately removed by the ace pilot.飞机在空中发生了故障,但幸运的是被王牌驾驶员排除了。
17 beetles e572d93f9d42d4fe5aa8171c39c86a16     
n.甲虫( beetle的名词复数 )
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19 remains 1kMzTy     
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  • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog.残羹剩饭喂狗了。
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