First Words
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First Words
Phillip B. Williams
A storm and so a gift. 
      Its swift approach 
            lifts gravel1 from the road. 
 A fence is flattened2 in 
      the course of the storm's 
            worse attempt at language --
 thunder's umbrage3. A tree 
      is torn apart, 
            blown upward through a bedroom 
 window. A boy winnows 
      through the pile 
            of shards4 for the sharpest parts
 from the blown-apart 
      glass. He has 
            a bag that holds found edges
 jagged as a stag's 
      horns or smooth as 
            a single pane5 smashed into 
 smaller panes6 that he sticks 
      his hand inside 
            to make blood web across 
 his acheless skin flexing 
      like fish gills 
            O-lipped for a scream 
 they cannot make. 
      He wants to feel 
            what his friends have felt, 
 the slant7 of fear on their faces 
      he could never 
            recreate, his body born 
 without pain. When his skin's 
      pouting8 welts 
            don't rake a whimper 
 from his mouth, he runs 
      outside, arms up 
            for the storm, aluminum 
 baseball bat held out 
      to the sky 
            until lightning, with an electric 
 tongue, makes his viscera 
            the boy's first word for pain 
 is the light's 
      new word for home.


1 gravel s6hyT     
  • We bought six bags of gravel for the garden path.我们购买了六袋碎石用来铺花园的小路。
  • More gravel is needed to fill the hollow in the drive.需要更多的砾石来填平车道上的坑洼。
2 flattened 1d5d9fedd9ab44a19d9f30a0b81f79a8     
  • She flattened her nose and lips against the window. 她把鼻子和嘴唇紧贴着窗户。
  • I flattened myself against the wall to let them pass. 我身体紧靠着墙让他们通过。
3 umbrage rg7yD     
  • Everything gives umbrage to a tyrantny.所有事情都使专制君主生气。
  • She took umbrage at my remarks about her hair.我对她头发的评论使她很不高兴。
4 shards 37ca134c56a08b5cc6a9315e9248ad09     
n.(玻璃、金属或其他硬物的)尖利的碎片( shard的名词复数 )
  • Eyewitnesses spoke of rocks and shards of glass flying in the air. 目击者称空中石块和玻璃碎片四溅。 来自辞典例句
  • Ward, Josh Billings, and a host of others have survived only in scattered shards of humour. 沃德、比林斯和许多别的作家能够留传下来的只是些幽默的残章断简。 来自辞典例句
5 pane OKKxJ     
  • He broke this pane of glass.他打破了这块窗玻璃。
  • Their breath bloomed the frosty pane.他们呼出的水气,在冰冷的窗玻璃上形成一层雾。
6 panes c8bd1ed369fcd03fe15520d551ab1d48     
窗玻璃( pane的名词复数 )
  • The sun caught the panes and flashed back at him. 阳光照到窗玻璃上,又反射到他身上。
  • The window-panes are dim with steam. 玻璃窗上蒙上了一层蒸汽。
7 slant TEYzF     
  • The lines are drawn on a slant.这些线条被画成斜线。
  • The editorial had an antiunion slant.这篇社论有一种反工会的倾向。
8 pouting f5e25f4f5cb47eec0e279bd7732e444b     
v.撅(嘴)( pout的现在分词 )
  • The child sat there pouting. 那孩子坐在那儿,一副不高兴的样子。 来自辞典例句
  • She was almost pouting at his hesitation. 她几乎要为他这种犹犹豫豫的态度不高兴了。 来自辞典例句
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