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Section Ⅱ Use of English (15 minutes)


  Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C, or Don your ANSWER SHEET 1.


  Geography is the study of the relationship between people and the land. Geographers2 (地理学家) compare and contrast   26   places on the earth. But they also   27   beyond the individual places and consider the earth as a   28  . The word geography   29   from two Greek words: ge,the Greek word for "earth" and graphein,   30 . means "to write". The English word geography means "to describe the earth".   31   geography books focus on a small area   32   a town or city. Others deal with a state, a region, a nation, or an   33   continent. Many geography books deal with the whole earth. Another   34   to divide the study of   35   is to distinguish between physical geography and cultural geography. The former focuses on the natural world; the   36    starts with human beings and   37   how human beings and their environment act   38   each other. But when geography is considered as a single subject,   39   branch can neglect the other.

  A geographer1 might be described   40   one who observes, records, and explains the   41    between places. If all places   42   alike, there would be little need for geographers.

  We know, however,   43   no two places are exactly the same. Geography,   44   , is a point of view, a special way of  45   at places.

  26. [A] similar         [B] various         [C] distant         [D] famous

  27. [A] pass           [B] go             [C] reach          [D] set

  28. [A] whole          [B] unit            [C] part            [D] total

  29. [A] falls           [B] removes        [C] results         [D] comes

  30. [A] what           [B] that            [C] which         [D] it

  31. [A] Some         [B]Many         [C]Most         [D]Few

  32. [A] outside         [B] except          [C]as             [D]like

  33. [A] extensive        [B] entire           [C] overall          [D] enormous

  34. [A] way           [B] means          [C] habit          [D] technique

  35. [A] world          [B] earth           [C] geography      [D] globe

  36. [A] second         [ B] later            [C] next            [D] latter

  37. [A] learns         [ B ] studies          [ C ] realizes          [ D ] understands

  38. [A] upon         [B] for           [C]as           [D] to

  39. [A] neither         [B] either          [C] one            [D] each

  40. [A] for       .   [B]to            [C]as           [D]by

  41. [A] exceptions      [B] sameness        [C] differences      [D] divisions

  42. [A] being          [B] are            [C] be            [D] were

  43. [A] although        [B] whether         [C] since           [D] that

  44. [A] still            [B] then            [C] nevertheless     [D] moreover

  45. [A] working         [ B ] looking          [ C ] arriving         [ D ] getting


1 geographer msGzMv     
  • His grandfather is a geographer.他的祖父是一位地理学家。
  • Li Siguang is a famous geographer.李四光是一位著名的地理学家。
2 geographers 30061fc34de34d8b0b96ee99d3c9f2ea     
地理学家( geographer的名词复数 )
  • Geographers study the configuration of the mountains. 地理学家研究山脉的地形轮廓。
  • Many geographers now call this landmass Eurasia. 许多地理学家现在把这块陆地叫作欧亚大陆。