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You now have 40 seconds to check your answers to questions 19 -22.
  Questions 23 -25 are based on the following conversation. You now have 15 seconds to read the questions 23 -25.
  23. What does the man want to do?
  [A] Play basketball with friends from work.
  [ B] Try out for the company basketball team.
  [ C ] Get in shape and compete in a cycling race.
  [ D ] Become a star player.
  24. What is the woman's main concern?
  [A] She is worried her husband will spend too much time away from home.
  [ B ] She is afraid her husband will become a fitness1 freak.
  [ C ] She is concerned about her husband's health.
  [D] She is afraid her husband will become a laughingstock.
  25. What does the woman advise about the man's diet?
  [A] He should consume2 less salt.
  [ B] He should eat less fatty foods.
  [ C ] He should add more protein products to his diet.
  [D] He should avoid eating sweet things.
  You now have 30 seconds to check your answers to questions 23 -25.
  Now you have 3 minutes to transfer3 your answers from your test booklet to the ANSWER SHEET I.
  That is the end of the listening comprehension section.


1 fitness Xjpxr     
  • They're doing exercises to improve their fitness.他们为增强体质而做体操。
  • No one questions her fitness for the job.没人怀疑她能胜任这项工作。
2 consume 4Ztyp     
  • They generally consume more power and take up more space,too.它们通常消耗更多的能量,并且占用更多的空间。
  • The British consume a vast amount of tea each year.英国人每年消费大量的茶叶。
3 transfer SnxwK     
n. 迁移, 移动, 换车; v. 转移, 调转, 调任
  • He has been kicking against this transfer for weeks. 几周以来他一直反对这次调动。
  • I intend to transfer the property to my son. 我想把这笔财产转给我儿子。