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1.I hate hiking and I'm not into classical music.

2.I surf the Internet all the time and I like playing computer games.

3.Rock music is OK, and so is skiing.

4.Chuck is a businessman who is always so busy that he has little time for his friends.

5.One day Chuck is on a flight across the Pacific Ocean when suddenly his plane crashes.

6.He realizes that he hasn’t been a very good friend because he has always been thinking about himself.

7.Chuck learns that we need friends to share happiness and sorrow, and that it is important to have someone to care about.

8.When he makes friends with Wilson, he understand that friendship is about feelings and that we must give as much as we take.

9.The lesson we can learn from Chuck and all the others who have unusual friends is that friends are teachers.

10.I found the bathroom, but I didn’t find what I was looking for.

11.Don’t forget to buy me some ketchup on your way back.

12.There are more than 42 countries where the majority of the people speak English.

13.In total, for more than 375 million people English is their mother tongue.

14.In China students learn English at school as a foreign language, except for those in Hong Kong, where many people speak English as a first or a second language.

15.In only fifty years, English has developed into the language most widely spoken and used in the world.

16.With so many people communicating in English every day ,it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

17.For a long time the language in America stayed the same, while the language in England changed.

18.In the same way Americans still use the expression “I guess “(meaning “I think”),just as the British did 300 years ago.

19.At the same time, British English and American English started borrowing words from other languages ,ending up with different words.

20.Except for these differences in spelling, written English is more or less the same in both British and American English.

21.However,most of the time people from the two countries do not have any difficulty in understanding each other.

22.Many people travel because they want to see other countries and visit places that are famous, interesting or beautiful.

23.Many of today’s travelers are looking for an unusual experience and adventure travel is becoming more and more popular.

24.Instead of spending your vacation on a bus, in a hotel or sitting on the beach, you may want to try hiking.

25.Hiking is fun and exciting, but you shouldn’t forget safety.

26.A raft is a small boat that you can use to paddle down rivers and streams.

27.If you want a normal rafting trip, choose a quiet stream or river that is wide and has few fallen trees or rocks.

28.The name “whitewater “comes from the fact that the water in these streams and rivers looks white when it moves quickly.

29.As with hiking ,you should always think about your safety and wear good clothes.

30.Jane and Betty are going on separate holidays in a few days’ time.

31.When are you off to Guangzhou?

32.My plane leaves at seven, so I think we’ll take a taxi.

33.See you when I get back.

34.The next moment the first wave swept her down, swallowing the garden.

35.Now ,the water, which was cold as ice and flowed faster than a river, was above her knees.

36.Jeff and Flora looked into each other’s face with a look of fright.

37.Flora,whose beautiful hair and dress were all cold and wet, started crying.

38.Tree after tree went down, cut down by the water, which must have been three meters deep.

39.The garden that was once so beautiful was completely destroyed, swept away by the wild water.

40.I found some photos of interesting places which were not too far away from Chengdu.

41.He told me that I could go on a two-day trip to Leshan and Emei, which wasn’t too expensive.

42.First,we went to Leshan, where we climbed all the way up the mountain to see the Buddha.

43.Looking up at the large head and down at the large feet makes you feel so small.

44.Wei Bin took photos of us standing in front of the Buddha.

45.Steven Spielberg, whose mother was a music teacher, was born in 1946 in a small town in America.

46.In 1959 Spielberg won a prize for a film which he made when he was thirteen years old.

47.The reason why he could not go there was that his grades were too low.

48.Here he worked on a short film, which won him a job as the youngest film director in the world.

49.This was the moment when Spieberg’s career really took off.

50.It is about a big white shark that attacks swimmers who are spending their holidays in a small village by the sea.

51.Many people who saw the film were afraid to swim in the sea when they remembered the scenes in which people were eaten by the shark.

52.Spielberg has made two films about creatures that come to the earth from outer space.

53.For example , ET(1982) is about a young boy called Elliott who makes friends with a small creature from outer space and helps him to find a way to go home.

54.Jurassic Park, which Spielberg made in 1993,is about a park where a very rich man keeps different kinds of dinosaurs.

55.In his war films, he has shown that love and peace will win over war in the end.

56.Steven Spielberg is one of the top directors in the film industry and also has many fans in China.

57.When asked about the secret of his success, Steven Spielberg said that he owes much of his success and happiness to his wife and children.

58.He met Cate Capshaw, who is an actress, when he was working on one of his films.

59.After that it still took seven years before they finally got married.

60.Mr Gao, the only teacher of the Shuiquan Primary School, has to stay away for a month to take care of his sick mother.

61.The most important thing for young Minzhi is not to lose any more pupils from the school---NOT ONE LESS—before Mr. Gao returns!

62.She tries to keep the students in the classroom by locking them up in the classroom and running after those who escape.

63.Minzhi wants to go to town, but she can’t afford to buy a bus ticket.

64.She wants them to let her appear live on the air, hoping that Huike will see her.

65.Many people like this not just because the story itself is moving, but also because most of the people in the film use their real names and play themselves.

66.I guess it wasn’t really your fault, was it?

67.People who go to a formal Western dinner party for the first time may be surprised by table manners in Western culture.

68.Having good table manners means knowing ,for example, how to use knives and forks, when to drink a toast and how to behave at the table.

69.The knife and fork that are closest to your plate are a little bit bigger than the ones beside them.

70.In China, you sometimes get a hot, damp cloth to clean your face and hands, which ,however, is not the custom in Western countries.  

71.When drinking to someone’s health, you raise your glasses, but the glasses should not touch.

72.Although good manners always make you look good, you do not need to worry about all these rules while having dinner with your friends or family.

73.It is true that many of the world’s greatest cities have been built on the banks of a river.

74.We will do everything we can to save our city.

75.Pieces of the palaces that had been hidden before the Nazis came could be used to build the city and its culture.

76.With the help of old paintings and photographs, the people of St Petersburg were able to bring back the beauty of their culture and history.

77.Old paintings, including a portrait of Peter the Great which was found in the snow outside St Petersburg, have been carefully recreated, and the old palaces have been made as wonderful as in the past.

78.Today Peter the Great on his bronze horse can once again look out over the city he built.

79.Strong, proud and united, the people of St Petersburg are the modern heroes of Russia.

80.Some of the games in which the young men completed were: running, jumping and wrestling.

81.In Sydney the Chinese team got 28 gold medals, ranking third of the competing countries.

82.Many of the Chinese medals were won in diving and gymnastics and also in events such as weightlifting and shooting.

83.Following the history-making success in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, China won another great competition in 2001 which was not for a medal.

84.The people of Beijing. and of the whole country, will be preparing to light the Olympic torch to welcome athletes and sports fans from all over the world.       

85.Wang Mei puts her hand into her pocket,takes out her red cellphone and presses the talk key.

86.Cellphones, or mobile phones ,make it possible for us to talk to anyone from anywhere.

87.New functions are being added to the phones.

88.The latest cellphones have features such as games ,music and an electronic calendar that will remind you about appointments and important dates.

89.The students obey the rules and agree not to use their phones in the classroom.

90.The answer seems to be that we have a need to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where we are or what we are doing.

91.Having a cellphone also makes us feel safer, since we can call for help in case of an emergency.

92.She says that her cellphone helps her do whatever she wants to do and still stay in touch with her parents and friends.

93.” I think it’s the most useful invention ever “Wang Mei says as she is dialling the number to Xiao Li again to ask her what she will be wearing to school tomorrow.

94.Wang Mei calls her best friend Xiao Li at least once a day to see how she is doing and what is going on.

95.Once,the earth was a beautiful blue planet where people lived happily among trees and animals.

96.The human beings have been able to keep a small, secret school open since the machines took over.

97.Now, the leader has asked a group of students to do what they can to save the earth.

98.Instead, the students have decided to come up with a peaceful solution.

99.Steve Jones is an environmental expert who tries to keep animals and plants from becoming endangered.

100.We often talk about how important it is to take care of ourselves and our planet, but we don’t always do as we say.

101.Many of the earth’s plants and animals have already died out, and several other species are endangered.

102.If we want to live a better life and have a bright future, we must learn to act in ways that do not harm other living things.

103.If we know more about what causes endangerment ,we may be able to take measures before it is too late.

104.A species can become endangered for different reasons.

105.Animals and plants must have a habitat, or home, which is comfortable and clean, and where there is enough food and other resources.

106.They are all used to their environment; that is ,they have learnt how to live successfully in their habitat.

107.Experts tell us that we need to think about what we can do to keep animals and plants from becoming endangered.

108.Professor Stevenson explained to the students that the milu deer had been very common in China a long time ago, but it disappeared during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

109.What we hear on the radio or see on TV is only a small part of all the wonderful music that is waiting for us.

110.People have been playing the blues for many years , but the music has kept many of its characteristics.

111.Hip-top music often combines parts of other styles to create music that will help people hear new things in old music.

112.Latin music –music that uses traditional styles from Latin America—has spread all over the world.

113.The blues comes from African songs that people used to sing when they worked and during festivals.

114.There is a wide variety of new music to be discovered in every corner of the world, so the next time you look for a tape or a CD, don’t just look for Chinese or American music—open your ears to the sounds of the world.

115.They play music to satisfy their inner desire.

116.They do not think how much money they can make from a song; instead, they sing for their emotions and live for music.

117.The process of making rock music, however, is totally different .

118.You must believe in what you do and who you want to succeed in the world –the magical world of Hogwarts and the real one.

119.If only they could find a way to get to the room, or whatever it was, behind the wall.

120.Our eating habits have changed, as has our way of life, and the fuel we need for our bodies is also different.

121.If we want to keep up with the high pace of modern life, we had better learn to make the right choices about what and how we eat.

122.When we choose what to buy and eat, we had better think whether the food will give us the nutrients we need.

123.Vitamins, which we can get from eating vegetables, fruit, fish and drinking milk, help our body fight disease.

124.Many people today make choices about their eating habits based on what they believe.

125.Organic vegetables are those that are grown without chemicals that can be harmful to human beings or the environment.

126.Because we have so much to choose from, many companies and stores offer advice about what we should eat.

127.The best way to make sure that we will feel and look fine is to develop healthy eating habits.

128.Only in that way will we be ready fro the challenges and opportunities in life.

129.I am a little nervous about, because I am not sure how I should behave at the dinner table.

130.The week following Christmas Day, many African—American families get together to greet the new year and think about the past.

131.Kwanzaa was born in 1966, when people created a new festival so that African Americans would be able to celebrate their history and culture.

132.We must do as much as we can to make our community better and more beautiful.

133.Since Kwanzaa is a time for learning as well as joy, people celebrate it by lighting a candle each day and discussing one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

134.Each time we celebrate a festival it changes a little and in that way we keep our culture alive.

135.Peter played a trick on Carol and she wouldn’t talk to him for two days. They made peace after Peter treated her to a nice lunch.

136.It is a reminder that we need to care about the world we live in and that we should learn to respect life and nature.

137.The best trick is one that makes everyone laugh, including the “fool”.

138.Do you remember one afternoon ten years ago when I came to your house and borrowed a necklace of yours?

139.I can’t be the only woman who isn’t wearing jewellery.

140.I saw a lovely diamond necklace with a big blue stone in the center.

141.Pierre and I did have a very good time at the ball. But that was the last moment of happiness in our lives.

142.On our way home that night I looked  down and saw that the necklace was not around my neck any more.

143.If we work together, we might come up with a very good story.

144.The student is on her way to school and she meets a girl that looks exactly like her.

145.IN the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin conducted a number experiments in which he showed what electricity is.

146.Having realized that I could use a kite to attract lightning, I decided to do an experiment.

147.When the first thunderstorm came, I took my condenser to a shed in the fields where I could do my experiment.

148.Tie the corners of the handkerchief to the points of the cross, and you will have a nice strong kite.

149.This ribbon, which must not get wet, will protect you from the electricity.

150.British law says that every new drug must be tested on at least two different kinks of animals, such as mice or dogs.

151.Scientists say that if a medicine works with animals, there is a very high chance that it also works with people.

152.There is no doubt that 100 years ago animal testing was cruel but today animals in experiments are very well taken care of.

153.It has often been said that life is difficult as it is. For women it sometimes twice as difficult.

154.On the third day I was struggling through stormy weather and during the next week the wind grew stronger and I found myself spending a whole day in my tent.

155.Changes were just around the corner.

156.I had traveled only two hours one day when the winds increased so much that I had to put my tent up before the winds became too strong.

157.I was thankful for all the training I had had.

158.I was so optimistic that I decided that the next day, I would increase my workday to 12 hours.

159.Lying on the ice, I would soon die. I struggled to my knees knowing that somehow I had to put my tent up for shelter.

160.It is an experience I shall never forget and shall value for the rest of my life.

161.In her television shows she makes it possible to talk about great moments and difficulties in people’s lives. She has helped thousands of men and women come to terms with things that bother them and that they could not talk about with others.

162.She is a black woman whose rise to fame is an inspiring story.

163.It was a time in which many sad things happened to her.

164.In 1984, she moved to Chicago, where she became the host of a talk show called “AM Chicago”.

165.Her life shows us that hard work and discipline are the road to self—improvement, and success lies somewhere along the road.

166.When I grow up I hope to be just as successful as you are.

167.New Zealand is an island that lies off the eastern coast of Australia. It is make up of two large islands: North Island and South Island.

168.The ocean and seas surrounding the islands are deep blue and many of New Zealand’s cities lie on a bay and have a natural deep harbor.

169.The North Island is famous fro an area of hot springs, some of which throw hot water high into the air.

170.There are many plants and animals that only live in New Zealand.

171.More than 120 years later, Capital James Cook took possession of the islands in 1796 and from that time British people started to settle in New Zealand.

172.It is a good thing that New Zealand helps the Maori to keep their own language and culture.

173.New Zealand has a population of about  3.8 million people, of which about fourteen percent are Maori.

174.The majority of the people speak English. However, Maori, which the native language of the Maori people, is also an official language.

175.Maori children are taught at an early age what to do when they come the marae.

176.New Zealand wine is of high quality and is sold all over the world. Living in a country with plenty of space and a good climate, New Zealanders love all kinds of sport and outdoor activities.

177.Farmers in China have long used techniques such as fertilization and irrigation to make their land produce more.

178.To make as much use of the land as possible, two or more crops are planted each year where possible.

179.It was from the early 1990s that scientists started to developed new techniques to increase agricultural production without harming the environment.

180.Not only is food production important but also taking care of the environment.

181.Using the latest technologies, Chinese scientists grow vegetables in greenhouse.

182.Today many vegetables are not grown in gardens but in greenhouses where they are protected for the wind, rain and insects. The temperature is controlled with computers, no matter how the weather is outside.

183.One of China’s early agricultural scientists was Jia sixie, who lived in the sixth century.

184.If you go against nature and do things at the wrong time of year, you will have to do more work and the results will no be so good.

185.When you plough the soil, plough deep the first and less deep the second time.

186.The best harvest is reached when  farmers changed the crops in their fields.

187.He said that it is good to grow different plants next to each other in the same field.

188.The wisdom of farmers about the weather and farming is collected in many popular proverbs and passed on from generation to generation.

189.The actors make us laugh by making fun of somebody’s way of dressing or telling an amusing story.

190.It is their clothes, make-up and the way they walk that make people laugh.

191.What comedians have in common with the players in a comedy is their way of playing with words.

192.Dating back to the Qin Dynasty, the traditional crosstalk show, or xiangsheng shows, have made people all over China roar with laughter for centuries.

193.The story of how I got my new job, and come to be on such good terms with my boss is funny one.

194.I cycled as fast as I could and saw that the driver in the yellow car was waiting at the red light.

195.I told him that he was a danger to other people on the road.

196.Drive carefully so that everyone can enjoy a long life.

197.There was a woman who was the boss of the office in which I wanted to work.

198.I was pleased that the manager had decided to be angry with me for having been so rude.

199.We can learn a lot about what a person is thinking by watching his or her body language.

200.Just like spoken language, body language varies from culture to culture.

201.While there are many different interpretation of our body language, some gestures seem to be universal.

202.If we are feeling down or lonely, there is nothing better than to see the smiling face of a good friend.

203.The father must have said something encouraging because the boy finally got up and made a good speech.

204.Unlike traditional amusement parks, theme parks often want to teach visitors something.

205.What they all have in common is that they combine fun with opportunity t learn something.

206.Theme parks try to make sure that visitors leave knowing more about their theme.

207.Having enjoyed the rides at the Headland, visitors can take the shuttle to the Lowland.

208.Visitors can go on exciting rides where they can feel what it is like to do the things they have seen their heroes do in the movie.

209.The parks are becoming more advanced and new technology allows us to experience almost anything without actually being in danger or risking injury.

210.Having been told that her daughter got sick, she hurried to the school to take her home.