In Contrast & On the other Hand
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In contrast 和 on the other hand是两个很相近的短语,很多人都会搞混,一起看看它们的区别吧
Two linking phrases that are often confused are ‘In contrast’ and ‘On the other hand’. Compare examples A and B.
A. Tourism often has a positive impact on less wealthy countries. On the other hand, this can damage local culture.
B. New Zealand has a good reputation for environmental safety. In contrast, many countries in Europe have high levels of pollution.
If you are contrasting ideas about the same general subject, use ‘On the other hand’. In Example A above, the focus is on balancing on the impact of tourism in less wealthy countries.
If you are contrasting the subjects and the idea (the object), use ‘In contrast’. In Example B above, the first sentence refers to New Zealand’s reputation and the second second sentence compares this to Europe and higher rates of pollution.
This is a simple guide to using these two linking phrases correctly. You may find exceptions to this rule, but if in doubt it is a useful rule to follow.
练习:下面画横线的地方填 ‘On the other hand’或‘In contrast’.
Education is good not only for the individual, but also for society. A society without scientists, researchers and intellectuals has little ability to further itself in a number of fields, specifically medicine, literature and technology. (a) ______, the cost to the taxpayer1 has to be considered, as most countries offer either free or heavily subsidised schemes for further education.
Education should be made available to all. State-funded education systems offer a solid level of schooling2 with dedicated3 and qualified4 teachers. (b)______, private schools are advantageous5 only to those that can afford to pay to go to them, and this runs the risk of encouraging teachers only interested in the better wages and conditions offered in such establishments.
The first paragraph needs ‘on the other hand’ because the same general subject is being discussed (education). However, in the second paragraph, ‘In contrast’ should be used as the subject in the first part is state funded education and the subject in the second part is private education.


1 taxpayer ig5zjJ     
  • The new scheme will run off with a lot of the taxpayer's money.这项新计划将用去纳税人许多钱。
  • The taxpayer are unfavourably disposed towards the recent tax increase.纳税者对最近的增加税收十分反感。
2 schooling AjAzM6     
  • A child's access to schooling varies greatly from area to area.孩子获得学校教育的机会因地区不同而大相径庭。
  • Backward children need a special kind of schooling.天赋差的孩子需要特殊的教育。
3 dedicated duHzy2     
  • He dedicated his life to the cause of education.他献身于教育事业。
  • His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design.他的全部精力都放在改进这项设计上了。
4 qualified DCPyj     
  • He is qualified as a complete man of letters.他有资格当真正的文学家。
  • We must note that we still lack qualified specialists.我们必须看到我们还缺乏有资质的专家。
5 advantageous BK5yp     
  • Injections of vitamin C are obviously advantageous.注射维生素C显然是有利的。
  • You're in a very advantageous position.你处于非常有利的地位。