少年派的奇幻漂流 Chapter 51
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Chapter 51
But that first time I had a good look at the lifeboat I did not see the detail I wanted. The surface of the stern and side benches was continuous and unbroken, as were the sides of the buoyancy tanks. The floor lay flat against the hull1; there could be no cache beneath it. It was certain: there was no locker2 or box or any other sort of container anywhere. Only smooth, uninterrupted orange surfaces.
My estimation of captains and ship chandlers wavered. My hopes for survival flickered3. My thirst remained.
And what if the supplies were at the bow, beneath the tarpaulin4? I turned and crawled back. I felt like a dried-out lizard5. I pushed down on the tarpaulin. It was tautly6 stretched. If I unrolled it, I would give myself access to what supplies might be stored below. But that meant creating an opening onto Richard Parker's den7.
There was no question. Thirst pushed me on. I eased the oar8 from under the tarpaulin. I placed the lifebuoy around my waist. I laid the oar across the bow. I leaned over the gunnel and with my thumbs pushed from under one of the hooks the rope that held down the tarpaulin. I had a difficult time of it. But after the first hook, it was easier with the second and the third. I did the same on the other side of the stem. The tarpaulin became slack beneath my elbows. I was lying flat on it, my legs pointed9 towards the stern.
I unrolled it a little. Immediately I was rewarded. The bow was like the stern; it had an end bench. And upon it, just a few inches from the stem, a hasp glittered like a diamond. There was the outline of a lid. My heart began to pound. I unrolled the tarpaulin further. I peeked10 under. The lid was shaped like a rounded-out triangle, three feet wide and two feet deep. At that moment I perceived an orange mass. I jerked my head back. But the orange wasn't moving and didn't look right. I looked again. It wasn't a tiger. It was a life jacket. There were a number of life jackets at the back of Richard Parker's den.
A shiver went through my body. Between the life jackets, partially11, as if through some leaves, I had my first, unambiguous, clear-headed glimpse of Richard Parker. It was his haunches I could see, and part of his back. Tawny12 and striped and simply enormous. He was facing the stern, lying flat on his stomach. He was still except for the breathing motion of his sides. I blinked in disbelief at how close he was. He was right there, two feet beneath me. Stretching, I could have pinched his bottom. And between us there was nothing but a thin tarpaulin, easily got round.
"God preserve me!" No supplication13 was ever more passionate14 yet more gently carried by the breath. I lay absolutely motionless.
I had to have water. I brought my hand down and quietly undid15 the hasp. I pulled on the lid. It opened onto a locker.
I have just mentioned the notion of details that become lifesavers. Here was one: the lid was hinged an inch or so from the edge of the bow bench-which meant that as the lid opened, it became a barrier that closed off the twelve inches of open space between tarpaulin and bench through which Richard Parker could get to me after pushing aside the life jackets. I opened the lid till it fell against the crosswise oar and the edge of the tarpaulin. I moved onto the stem, facing the boat, one foot on the edge of the open locker, the other against the lid. If Richard Parker decided16 to attack me from below, he would have to push on the lid. Such a push would both warn me and help me fall backwards17 into the water with the lifebuoy. If he came the other way, climbing atop the tarpaulin from astern, I was in the best position to see him early and, again, take to the water. I looked about the lifeboat. I couldn't see any sharks.
I looked down between my legs. I thought I would faint for joy. The open locker glistened18 with shiny new things. Oh, the delight of the manufactured good, the man-made device, the created thing! That moment of material revelation brought an intensity19 of pleasure-a heady mix of hope, surprise, disbelief, thrill, gratitude20, all crushed into one-unequalled in my life by any Christmas, birthday, wedding, Diwali or other gift-giving occasion. I was positively21 giddy with happiness.
My eyes immediately fell upon what I was looking for. Whether in a bottle, a tin can or a carton, water is unmistakably packaged. On this lifeboat, the wine of life was served in pale golden cans that fit nicely in the hand. Drinking Water said the vintage label in black letters. HP Foods Ltd. were the vintners. 500 ml were the contents. There were stacks of these cans, too many to count at a glance.
With a shaking hand I reached down and picked one up. It was cool to the touch and heavy. I shook it. The bubble of air inside made a dull glub glub glub sound. I was about to be delivered from my hellish thirst. My pulse raced at the thought. I only had to open the can.
I paused. How would I do that?
I had a can-surely I had a can opener? I looked in the locker. There was a great quantity of things. I rummaged22 about. I was losing patience. Aching expectation had run its fruitful course. I had to drink now-or I would die. I could not find the desired instrument. But there was no time for useless distress23. Action was needed. Could I prise it open with my fingernails? I tried. I couldn't. My teeth? It wasn't worth trying. I looked over the gunnel. The tarpaulin hooks. Short, blunt, solid. I kneeled on the bench and leaned over. Holding the can with both my hands, I sharply brought it up against a hook. A good dint24. I did it again. Another dint next to the first. By dint of dinting, I managed the trick. A pearl of water appeared. I licked it off. I turned the can and banged the opposite side of the top against the hook to make another hole. I worked like a fiend. I made a larger hole. I sat back on the gunnel. I held the can up to my face. I opened my mouth. I tilted25 the can.
My feelings can perhaps be imagined, but they can hardly be described. To the gurgling beat of my greedy throat, pure, delicious, beautiful, crystalline water flowed into my system. Liquid life, it was. I drained that golden cup to the very last drop, sucking at the hole to catch any remaining moisture. I went, "Ahhhhhh!", tossed the can overboard and got another one. I opened it the way I had the first and its contents vanished just as quickly. That can sailed overboard too, and I opened the next one. Which, shortly, also ended up in the ocean. Another can was dispatched. I drank four cans, two litres of that most exquisite26 of nectars, before I stopped. You might think such a rapid intake27 of water after prolonged thirst might upset my system. Nonsense! I never felt better in my life. Why, feel my brow! My forehead was wet with fresh, clean, refreshing28 perspiration29. Everything in me, right down to the pores of my skin, was expressing joy.
A sense of well-being31 quickly overcame me. My mouth became moist and soft. I forgot about the back of my throat. My skin relaxed. My joints32 moved with greater ease. My heart began to beat like a merry drum and blood started flowing through my veins33 like cars from a wedding party honking34 their way through town. Strength and suppleness35 came back to my muscles. My head became clearer. Truly, I was coming back to life from the dead. It was glorious, it was glorious. I tell you, to be drunk on alcohol is disgraceful, but to be drunk on water is noble and ecstatic. I basked36 in bliss37 and plenitude for several minutes.
A certain emptiness made itself felt. I touched my belly38. It was a hard and hollow cavity. Food would be nice now. A masala dosai with a coconut39 chutney-hmmmmm! Even better: oothappam! HMMMMM! Oh! I brought my hands to my mouth-IDLI! The mere40 thought of the word provoked a shot of pain behind my jaws41 and a deluge42 of saliva43 in my mouth. My right hand started twitching44. It reached and nearly touched the delicious flattened45 balls of parboiled rice in my imagination. It sank its fingers into their steaming hot flesh... It formed a ball soaked with sauce... It brought it to my mouth... I chewed... Oh, it was exquisitely46 painful!
I looked into the locker for food. I found cartons of Seven Oceans Standard Emergency Ration30, from faraway, exotic Bergen, Norway. The breakfast that was to make up for nine missed meals, not to mention odd tiffins that Mother had brought along, came in a half-kilo block, dense47, solid and vacuum-packed in silver-coloured plastic that was covered with instructions in twelve languages. In English it said the ration consisted of eighteen fortified48 biscuits of baked wheat, animal fat and glucose49, and that no more than six should be eaten in a twenty-four-hour period. Pity about the fat, but given the exceptional circumstances the vegetarian50 part of me would simply pinch its nose and bear it.
At the top of the block were the words Tear here to open and a black arrow pointing to the edge of the plastic. The edge gave way under my fingers. Nine wax-paper-wrapped rectangular bars tumbled out. I unwrapped one. It naturally broke into two. Two nearly square biscuits, pale in colour and fragrant51 in smell. I bit into one. Lord, who would have thought? I never suspected. It was a secret held from me: Norwegian cuisine52 was the best in the world! These biscuits were amazingly good. They were savoury and delicate to the palate, neither too sweet nor too salty. They broke up under the teeth with a delightful53 crunching54 sound. Mixed with saliva, they made a granular paste that was enchantment55 to the tongue and mouth. And when I swallowed, my stomach had only one thing to say: Hallelujah!
The whole package disappeared in a few minutes, wrapping paper flying away in the wind. I considered opening another carton, but I thought better. No harm in exercising a little restraint. Actually, with half a kilo of emergency ration in my stomach, I felt quite heavy.
I decided I should find out what exactly was in the treasure chest before me. It was a large locker, larger than its opening. The space extended right down to the hull and ran some little ways into the side benches. I lowered my feet into the locker and sat on its edge, my back against the stem. I counted the cartons of Seven Ocean. I had eaten one; there were thirty-one left. According to the instructions, each 500-gram carton was supposed to last one survivor56 three days. That meant I had food rations57 to last me - 31 * 3 = 93 days! The instructions also suggested survivors58 restrict themselves to half a litre of water every twenty-four hours. I counted the cans of water. There were 124. Each contained half a litre. So I had water rations to last me 124 days. Never had simple arithmetic brought such a smile to my face.
What else did I have? I plunged59 my arm eagerly into the locker and brought up one marvellous object after another. Each one, no matter what it was, soothed60 me. I was so sorely in need of company and comfort that the attention brought to making each one of these mass-produced goods felt like a special attention paid to me. I repeatedly mumbled61, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

    我往锁柜里看去,寻找着食物。我找到几盒“七重洋标准急用口粮”,是遥远的带有异国情调的挪威卑尔根产的。这顿早饭要补上九顿没有吃的饭,还不包括母亲带来的少量饭菜。这顿饭是半公斤重的一个方块,紧密,实在,用银色塑料真空包装,外面用十二种语言写着说明。英语说明是,这盒口粮里包括1 8块强化饼干,其中的成分有烤小麦、动物脂肪和葡萄糖,每24个时食用量不得超过6块。脂肪让人遗憾,但是考虑到特殊情况,那个素食的我完全可以捏着鼻子忍受。
    方块上方写着沿此处撕开,一个黑色箭头指着塑料边缘。边缘在我的手指下开了0 9个用蜡纸包着的长方形条状的东西掉了出来。我打开一条。里面的东西自然地分成了两半。
    我决定应该弄清楚我面前的珍宝箱里究竟有些什么。锁柜很大,比开口要大。里面的空间一直延伸到船壳,并向舷边坐板里面伸进去一些D我把脚放迸锁柜,坐在柜子边上,背靠着艏柱。我数了数七重洋盒子。我已经吃了一盒,还剩3 1盒。按照说明,每盒500克-盒的口粮应该可以供一个幸存者食用3天。那就是说我的口粮可以够我吃——31x3——93天!说明还建议幸存者限制自己的饮水量,每24小时只喝半升水。我数了数装水的罐子。一共124罐。每罐有半升水。因此水可以够我喝124天。简单的算术从来没有让我这样高兴过。


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  • My eyelids keep twitching all the time. 我眼皮老是跳。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
45 flattened 1d5d9fedd9ab44a19d9f30a0b81f79a8     
  • She flattened her nose and lips against the window. 她把鼻子和嘴唇紧贴着窗户。
  • I flattened myself against the wall to let them pass. 我身体紧靠着墙让他们通过。
46 exquisitely Btwz1r     
  • He found her exquisitely beautiful. 他觉得她异常美丽。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He wore an exquisitely tailored gray silk and accessories to match. 他穿的是做工非常考究的灰色绸缎衣服,还有各种配得很协调的装饰。 来自教父部分
47 dense aONzX     
  • The general ambushed his troops in the dense woods. 将军把部队埋伏在浓密的树林里。
  • The path was completely covered by the dense foliage. 小路被树叶厚厚地盖了一层。
48 fortified fortified     
adj. 加强的
  • He fortified himself against the cold with a hot drink. 他喝了一杯热饮御寒。
  • The enemy drew back into a few fortified points. 敌人收缩到几个据点里。
49 glucose Fyiyz     
  • I gave him an extra dose of glucose to pep him up.我给他多注射了一剂葡萄糖以增强他的活力。
  • The doctor injected glucose into his patient's veins.医生将葡萄糖注入病人的静脉。
50 vegetarian 7KGzY     
  • She got used gradually to the vegetarian diet.她逐渐习惯吃素食。
  • I didn't realize you were a vegetarian.我不知道你是个素食者。
51 fragrant z6Yym     
  • The Fragrant Hills are exceptionally beautiful in late autumn.深秋的香山格外美丽。
  • The air was fragrant with lavender.空气中弥漫薰衣草香。
52 cuisine Yn1yX     
  • This book is the definitive guide to world cuisine.这本书是世界美食的权威指南。
  • This restaurant is renowned for its cuisine.这家餐馆以其精美的饭菜而闻名。
53 delightful 6xzxT     
  • We had a delightful time by the seashore last Sunday.上星期天我们在海滨玩得真痛快。
  • Peter played a delightful melody on his flute.彼得用笛子吹奏了一支欢快的曲子。
54 crunching crunching     
v.嘎吱嘎吱地咬嚼( crunch的现在分词 );嘎吱作响;(快速大量地)处理信息;数字捣弄
  • The horses were crunching their straw at their manger. 这些马在嘎吱嘎吱地吃槽里的草。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The dog was crunching a bone. 狗正嘎吱嘎吱地嚼骨头。 来自《简明英汉词典》
55 enchantment dmryQ     
  • The beauty of the scene filled us with enchantment.风景的秀丽令我们陶醉。
  • The countryside lay as under some dread enchantment.乡村好像躺在某种可怖的魔法之下。
56 survivor hrIw8     
  • The sole survivor of the crash was an infant.这次撞车的惟一幸存者是一个婴儿。
  • There was only one survivor of the plane crash.这次飞机失事中只有一名幸存者。
57 rations c925feb39d4cfbdc2c877c3b6085488e     
定量( ration的名词复数 ); 配给量; 正常量; 合理的量
  • They are provisioned with seven days' rations. 他们得到了7天的给养。
  • The soldiers complained that they were getting short rations. 士兵们抱怨他们得到的配给不够数。
58 survivors 02ddbdca4c6dba0b46d9d823ed2b4b62     
幸存者,残存者,生还者( survivor的名词复数 )
  • The survivors were adrift in a lifeboat for six days. 幸存者在救生艇上漂流了六天。
  • survivors clinging to a raft 紧紧抓住救生筏的幸存者
59 plunged 06a599a54b33c9d941718dccc7739582     
v.颠簸( plunge的过去式和过去分词 );暴跌;骤降;突降
  • The train derailed and plunged into the river. 火车脱轨栽进了河里。
  • She lost her balance and plunged 100 feet to her death. 她没有站稳,从100英尺的高处跌下摔死了。
60 soothed 509169542d21da19b0b0bd232848b963     
v.安慰( soothe的过去式和过去分词 );抚慰;使舒服;减轻痛苦
  • The music soothed her for a while. 音乐让她稍微安静了一会儿。
  • The soft modulation of her voice soothed the infant. 她柔和的声调使婴儿安静了。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
61 mumbled 3855fd60b1f055fa928ebec8bcf3f539     
含糊地说某事,叽咕,咕哝( mumble的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He mumbled something to me which I did not quite catch. 他对我叽咕了几句话,可我没太听清楚。
  • George mumbled incoherently to himself. 乔治语无伦次地喃喃自语。
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