少年派的奇幻漂流 Chapter 7
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Chapter 7
It was my luck to have a few good teachers in my youth, men and women who came into my dark head and lit a match. One of these was Mr. Satish Kumar, my biology teacher at Petit Seminaire and an active Communist who was always hoping Tamil Nadu would stop electing movie stars and go the way of Kerala. He had a most peculiar1 appearance. The top of his head was bald and pointy, yet he had the most impressive jowls I have ever seen, and his narrow shoulders gave way to a massive stomach that looked like the base of a mountain, except that the mountain stood in thin air, for it stopped abruptly2 and disappeared horizontally into his pants. It's a mystery to me how his stick-like legs supported the weight above them, but they did, though they moved in surprising ways at times, as if his knees could bend in any direction. His construction was geometric: he looked like two triangles, a small one and a larger one, balanced on two parallel lines. But organic, quite warty3 actually, and with sprigs of black hair sticking out of his ears. And friendly. His smile seemed to take up the whole base of his triangular4 head.
Mr. Kumar was the first avowed5 atheist6 I ever met. I discovered this not in the classroom but at the zoo. He was a regular visitor who read the labels and descriptive notices in their entirety and approved of every animal he saw. Each to him was a triumph of logic7 and mechanics, and nature as a whole was an exceptionally fine illustration of science. To his ears, when an animal felt the urge to mate, it said "Gregor Mendel," recalling the father of genetics, and when it was time to show its mettle8, "Charles Darwin," the father of natural selection, and what we took to be bleating9, grunting10, hissing11, snorting, roaring, growling12, howling, chirping13 and screeching14 were but the thick accents of foreigners. When Mr. Kumar visited the zoo, it was to take the pulse of the universe, and his stethoscopic mind always I confirmed to him that everything was in order, that everything was order. He left the zoo feeling scientifically refreshed.
The first time I saw his triangular form teetering and tottering15 about the zoo, I was shy to approach him. As much as I liked him as a teacher, he was a figure of authority, and I, a subject. I was a little afraid of him. I observed him at a distance. He had just come to the rhinoceros16 pit. The two Indian rhinos17 were great attractions at the zoo because of the goats. Rhinos are social animals, and when we got Peak, a young wild male, he was showing signs of suffering from isolation18 and he was eating less and less. As a stopgap measure, while he searched for a female, Father thought of seeing if Peak couldn't be accustomed to living with goats. If it worked, it would save a valuable animal. If it didn't, it would only cost a few goats. It worked marvellously. Peak and the herd19 of goats became inseparable, even when Summit arrived. Now, when the rhinos bathed, the goats stood around the muddy pool, and when the goats ate in their corner, Peak and Summit stood next to them like guards. The living arrangement was very popular with the public.
Mr. Kumar looked up and saw me. He smiled and, one hand holding onto the railing, the other waving, signalled me to come over.
"Hello, Pi," he said.
"Hello, sir. It's good of you to come to the zoo."
"I come here all the time. One might say it's my temple. This is interesting..." He was indicating the pit. "If we had politicians like these goats and rhinos we'd have fewer problems in our country. Unfortunately we have a prime minister who has the armour20 plating of a rhinoceros without any of its good sense."
I didn't know much about politics. Father and Mother complained regularly about Mrs. Gandhi, but it meant little to me. She lived far away in the north, not at the zoo and not in Pondicherry. But I felt I had to say something.
"Religion will save us," I said. Since when I could remember, religion had been very close to my heart.
"Religion?" Mr. Kumar grinned broadly. "I don't believe in religion. Religion is darkness."
Darkness? I was puzzled. I thought, Darkness is the last thing that religion is. Religion is light. Was he testing me? Was he saying, "Religion is darkness," the way he sometimes said in class things like "Mammals lay eggs," to see if someone would correct him? ("Only platypuses21, sir.")
"There are no grounds for going beyond a scientific explanation of reality and no sound reason for believing anything but our sense experience. A clear intellect, close attention to detail and a little scientific knowledge will expose religion as superstitious22 bosh. God does not exist."
Did he say that? Or am I remembering the lines of later atheists? At any rate, it was something of the sort. I had never heard such words.
"Why tolerate darkness? Everything is here and clear, if only we look carefully."
He was pointing at Peak. Now though I had great admiration23 for Peak, I had never thought of a rhinoceros as a light bulb.
He spoke24 again. "Some people say God died during the Partition in 1947. He may have died in 1971 during the war. Or he may have died yesterday here in Pondicherry in an orphanage25. That's what some people say, Pi. When I was your age, I lived in bed, racked with polio. I asked myself every day, 'Where is God? Where is God? Where is God?' God never came. It wasn't God who saved me - it was medicine. Reason is my prophet and it tells me that as a watch stops, so we die. It's the end. If the watch doesn't work properly, it must be fixed26 here and now by us. One day we will take hold of the means of production and there will be justice on earth."
This was all a bit much for me. The tone was right-loving and brave - but the details seemed bleak27. I said nothing. It wasn't for fear of angering Mr. Kumar. I was more afraid that in a few words thrown out he might destroy something that I loved. What if his words had the effect of polio on me? What a terrible disease that must be if it could kill God in a man.
He walked off, pitching and rolling in the wild sea that was the steady ground. "Don't forget the test on Tuesday. Study hard, 3.14!"
"Yes, Mr. Kumar."
He became my favourite teacher at Petit Seminaire and the reason I studied zoology28 at the University of Toronto. I felt a kinship with him. It was my first clue that atheists are my brothers and sisters of a different faith, and every word they speak speaks of faith. Like me, they go as far as the legs of reason will carry them - and then they leap.
I'll be honest about it. It is not atheists who get stuck in my craw, but agnostics. Doubt is useful for a while. We must all pass through the garden of Gethsemane. If Christ played with doubt, so must we. If Christ spent an anguished29 night in prayer, if He burst out from the Cross, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken30 me?" then surely we are also permitted doubt. But we must move on. To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin31 to choosing immobility as a means of transportation.

    我很幸运,年轻的时候遇到了儿位好老师,这些男女老师走进我黑暗的头脑,划亮了一根火柴。其中一位老师就是萨蒂什·库马尔先生,他是我在小修院的生物老 师,也是个活跃的共产主义者,总是希望泰米尔纳德能停止选举电影明星,而走喀拉拉邦的道路。他的长相十分奇特。他光秃秃的头顶是尖的,却长着我所见过的最 让人难忘的双下巴,窄窄的肩膀陡然让位于像一座山一样巨大的肚子,只是这座山是立在空中的,因为它戛然而止,垂直消失在裤子里。让我苦恼的是,他那两条细 棍子一样的腿是怎么支撑住上面的重量的,但它们撑住了,尽管有时候移动的样子令人惊奇,好像他的膝盖能向任何方向弯曲。他的身体是由几何图形构成的:他看 上去就像一大一小两个三角形放在两条平行线上。但他却是个有机体,实际上很像二个大瘤,一根根黑毛像小树枝一样从耳朵里伸出来。而且友好。
    库马尔先生是我遇见的第一个公开承认自己是无神论者的人。我不是在课堂上,而是在动物园里发现这一点的。他是动物园的常客,每一张标签和标签上的描述性简 介他都读,每一只他所看见的动物他都表示赞许。对他来说,每一只动物都是逻辑学和力学昀胜利,整个大自然就是对科学的绝妙解释。在他听来,当一只动物有了 交配的欲望时,它想起遗传学之父,于是说:“格累戈尔·孟德尔’’,在显示本领时说的是自然选择之父“查尔斯·达尔文”,而我们以为的咩咩声、咕噜声、嘶 嘶声、鼓鼻声、咆哮声、吼叫声、号叫声、唧唧声和尖叫声仅仅是外国人的浓重口音。
    第一次看见他的三角形身体在动物园里摇摇晃晃、步履蹒跚地走来走去时,我很害羞,不敢靠近他。尽管我喜欢他这位老师,但他毕竟是拥有权力的人物,而我,是 个臣民。我有点儿怕他。我在离他有一段距离的地方看着他。他刚刚来到犀牛栏前。因为那几只山羊,这两头印度犀牛在动物园非常引人注目。犀牛是群居动物,当 年幼的野生雄性犀牛皮克来的时候,他表现出正在经受孤独的折磨的迹象,吃得越来越少。作为权宜之计,在寻找雌性犀牛的同时,父亲想看看皮克是否能够习惯和 山羊一起生活。如果这能行,就能拯救一只珍稀动物。如果不行,那只是牺牲几只山羊而已。这个做法获得了极大成功。皮克和那群山羊变得难舍难分,甚至萨咪特 来后也是如此。现在,犀牛洗澡时,山羊就围成一圈站在泥潭旁边,当山羊在角落进食时,皮克和萨咪特就像卫兵一样站在它们旁边。这样的生活安排很受游客欢 迎。
    他又说话了。“有人说上帝在1947年瓜分期间死了。他可能在1971年战争期间死了。或者也许他昨天在本地治里一家孤儿院里死了。有些人就是那么说的, 派。我像你这么大酌时候,整天躺在床上,遭受着小儿麻痹症的折磨。每天我都问自己:"上帝在哪里?上帝在哪里‘?上帝在哪里?"上帝一直没有来。救我的不 是上帝?而是医药。理性是我的先知,它告诉我就像手表会停一样,我们也会死。生命结束了。如果表走得不准,我们必须修理它,就在这儿,就在现在一总有一天 我们会控制生产方式,地球上就会有公平了。”
    老实说,让我生气的不是无神论者,而是不可知论者。有一段时间怀疑是有用的。我们都必须经过客西马尼花园。(<圣经>中耶稣蒙难的地方。)如 果耶稣心存怀疑,那么我们一定也是如此。如果耶稣整整一夜都在痛苦地祈祷,如果他在十字架上大声叫喊:“我的上帝,我的上帝,你为什么抛弃了我?”那么我 们青定也可以怀疑。但是我们必须继续向前。选择怀疑作为生活哲学就像选择静止作为交通方式。


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