Twilight 暮光之城:暮色 Chapter 24 An Impasse
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As I drifted, I dreamed.
Where I floated, under the dark water, I heard the happiest sound my mindcould conjure1 up — as beautiful, as uplifting, as it was ghastly. It wasanother snarl2; a deeper, wilder roar that rang with fury.
I was brought back, almost to the surface, by a sharp pain slashing3 my upraised hand, but I couldn't find my way back far enough to open my eyes.
And then I knew I was dead.
Because, through the heavy water, I heard the sound of an angel callingmy name, calling me to the only heaven I wanted.
"Oh no, Bella, no!" the angel's voice cried in horror.
Behind that longed-for sound was another noise — an awful tumult4 that mymind shied away from. A vicious bass5 growling6, a shocking snapping sound,and a high keening, suddenly breaking off…I tried to concentrate on the angel's voice instead.
"Bella, please! Bella, listen to me, please, please, Bella, please!" hebegged.
Yes, I wanted to say. Anything. But I couldn't find my lips.
"Carlisle!" the angel called, agony in his perfect voice. "Bella, Bella,no, oh please, no, no!" And the angel was sobbing7 tearless, broken sobs8.
The angel shouldn't weep, it was wrong. I tried to find him, to tell himeverything was fine, but the water was so deep, it was pressing on me,and I couldn't breathe.
There was a point of pressure against my head. It hurt. Then, as thatpain broke through the darkness to me, other pains came, stronger pains.
I cried out, gasping9, breaking through the dark pool.
"Bella!" the angel cried.
"She's lost some blood, but the head wound isn't deep," a calm voiceinformed me. "Watch out for her leg, it's broken."A howl of rage strangled on the angel's lips.
I felt a sharp stab in my side. This couldn't be heaven, could it? Therewas too much pain for that.
"Some ribs10, too, I think," the methodical voice continued.
But the sharp pains were fading. There was a new pain, a scalding pain inmy hand that was overshadowing everything else.
Someone was burning me.
"Edward." I tried to tell him, but my voice was so heavy and slow. Icouldn't understand myself.
"Bella, you're going to be fine. Can you hear me, Bella? I love you.""Edward," I tried again. My voice was a little clearer.
"Yes, I'm here.""It hurts," I whimpered.
"I know, Bella, I know" — and then, away from me, anguished11 — "can't youdo anything?""My bag, please… Hold your breath, Alice, it will help," Carlislepromised.
"Alice?" I groaned12.
"She's here, she knew where to find you.""My hand hurts," I tried to tell him.
"I know, Bella. Carlisle will give you something, it will stop." "My hand is burning!" I screamed, finally breaking through the last ofthe darkness, my eyes fluttering open. I couldn't see his face, somethingdark and warm was clouding my eyes. Why couldn't they see the fire andput it out?
His voice was frightened. "Bella?""The fire! Someone stop the fire!" I screamed as it burned me.
"Carlisle! Her hand!""He bit her." Carlisle's voice was no longer calm, it was appalled13.
I heard Edward catch his breath in horror.
"Edward, you have to do it." It was Alice's voice, close by my head. Coolfingers brushed at the wetness in my eyes.
"No!" he bellowed14.
"Alice," I moaned.
"There may be a chance," Carlisle said.
"What?" Edward begged.
"See if you can suck the venom15 back out. The wound is fairly clean." AsCarlisle spoke16, I could feel more pressure on my head, something pokingand pulling at my scalp. The pain of it was lost in the pain of the fire.
"Will that work?" Alice's voice was strained.
"I don't know," Carlisle said. "But we have to hurry.""Carlisle, I…" Edward hesitated. "I don't know if I can do that." Therewas agony in his beautiful voice again.
"It's your decision, Edward, either way. I can't help you. I have to getthis bleeding stopped here if you're going to be taking blood from herhand."I writhed17 in the grip of the fiery18 torture, the movement making the painin my leg flare19 sickeningly.
"Edward!" I screamed. I realized my eyes were closed again. I openedthem, desperate to find his face. And I found him. Finally, I could seehis perfect face, staring at me, twisted into a mask of indecision andpain.
"Alice, get me something to brace20 her leg!" Carlisle was bent21 over me,working on my head. "Edward, you must do it now, or it will be too late."Edward's face was drawn22. I watched his eyes as the doubt was suddenlyreplaced with a blazing determination. His jaw23 tightened24. I felt hiscool, strong fingers on my burning hand, locking it in place. Then hishead bent over it, and his cold lips pressed against my skin.
At first the pain was worse. I screamed and thrashed against the coolhands that held me back. I heard Alice's voice, trying to calm me.
Something heavy held my leg to the floor, and Carlisle had my head lockedin the vise of his stone arms.
Then, slowly, my writhing25 calmed as my hand grew more and more numb26. Thefire was dulling, focusing into an ever-smaller point.
I felt my consciousness slipping as the pain subsided27. I was afraid tofall into the black waters again, afraid I would lose him in the darkness.
"Edward," I tried to say, but I couldn't hear my voice. They could hearme.
"He's right here, Bella.""Stay, Edward, stay with me…""I will." His voice was strained, but somehow triumphant28.
I sighed contentedly29. The fire was gone, the other pains dulled by asleepiness seeping30 through my body.
"Is it all out?" Carlisle asked from somewhere far away.
"Her blood tastes clean," Edward said quietly. "I can taste the morphine.""Bella?" Carlisle called to me.
I tried to answer. "Mmmmm?""Is the fire gone?""Yes," I sighed. "Thank you, Edward.""I love you," he answered.
"I know," I breathed, so tired.
I heard my favorite sound in the world: Edward's quiet laugh, weak withrelief.
"Bella?" Carlisle asked again.
I frowned; I wanted to sleep. "What?""Where is your mother?""In Florida," I sighed. "He tricked me, Edward. He watched our videos."The outrage31 in my voice was pitifully frail32.
But that reminded me.
"Alice." I tried to open my eyes. "Alice, the video — he knew you, Alice,he knew where you came from." I meant to speak urgently, but my voice wasfeeble. "I smell gasoline," I added, surprised through the haze33 in mybrain.
"It's time to move her," Carlisle said.
"No, I want to sleep," I complained.
"You can sleep, sweetheart, I'll carry you," Edward soothed34 me.
And I was in his arms, cradled against his chest — floating, all the paingone.
"Sleep now, Bella" were the last words I heard.


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  • I can't simply conjure up the money out of thin air.我是不能像变魔术似的把钱变来。
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27 subsided 1bda21cef31764468020a8c83598cc0d     
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28 triumphant JpQys     
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  • There was a positively triumphant note in her voice.她的声音里带有一种极为得意的语气。
29 contentedly a0af12176ca79b27d4028fdbaf1b5f64     
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  • "This is brother John's writing,"said Sally,contentedly,as she opened the letter.
30 seeping 8181ac52fbc576574e83aa4f98c40445     
v.(液体)渗( seep的现在分词 );渗透;渗出;漏出
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31 outrage hvOyI     
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32 frail yz3yD     
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33 haze O5wyb     
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34 soothed 509169542d21da19b0b0bd232848b963     
v.安慰( soothe的过去式和过去分词 );抚慰;使舒服;减轻痛苦
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