Twilight 暮光之城:暮色 Chapter 22 Hide and Seek
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It had taken much less time than I'd thought — all the terror, thedespair, the shattering of my heart. The minutes were ticking by moreslowly than usual. Jasper still hadn't come back when I returned toAlice. I was afraid to be in the same room with her, afraid that shewould guess… and afraid to hide from her for the same reason.
I would have thought I was far beyond the ability to be surprised, mythoughts tortured and unstable1, but I was surprised when I saw Alice bentover the desk, gripping the edge with two hands.
"Alice?"She didn't react when I called her name, but her head was slowly rockingside to side, and I saw her face. Her eyes were blank, dazed… My thoughtsflew to my mother. Was I already too late?
I hurried to her side, reaching out automatically to touch her hand.
"Alice!" Jasper's voice whipped, and then he was right behind her, hishands curling over hers, loosening them from their grip on the table.
Across the room, the door swung shut with a low click.
"What is it?" he demanded.
She turned her face away from me, into his chest. "Bella," she said.
"I'm right here," I replied.
Her head twisted around, her eyes locking on mine, their expression stillstrangely blank. I realized at once that she hadn't been speaking to me,she'd been answering Jasper's question.
"What did you see?" I said — and there was no question in my flat,uncaring voice.
Jasper looked at me sharply. I kept my expression vacant and waited. Hiseyes were confused as they flickered2 swiftly between Alice's face andmine, feeling the chaos… for I could guess what Alice had seen now.
I felt a tranquil3 atmosphere settle around me. I welcomed it, using it tokeep my emotions disciplined, under control.
Alice, too, recovered herself.
"Nothing, really," she answered finally, her voice remarkably4 calm andconvincing. "Just the same room as before."She finally looked at me, her expression smooth and withdrawn5. "Did youwant breakfast?""No, I'll eat at the airport." I was very calm, too. I went to thebathroom to shower. Almost as if I were borrowing Jasper's strange extrasense, I could feel Alice's wild — though well-concealed — desperation tohave me out of the room, to be alone with Jasper. So she could tell himthat they were doing something wrong, that they were going to fail…I got ready methodically, concentrating on each little task. I left myhair down, swirling7 around me, covering my face. The peaceful mood Jaspercreated worked its way through me and helped me think clearly. Helped meplan. I dug through my bag until I found my sock full of money. I emptiedit into my pocket.
I was anxious to get to the airport, and glad when we left by seven. Isat alone this time in the back of the dark car. Alice leaned against thedoor, her face toward Jasper but, behind her sunglasses, shooting glancesin my direction every few seconds.
"Alice?" I asked indifferently.
She was wary8. "Yes?""How does it work? The things that you see?" I stared out the sidewindow, and my voice sounded bored. "Edward said it wasn't definite… thatthings change?" It was harder than I would have thought to say his name.
That must have been what alerted Jasper, why a fresh wave of serenityfilled the car.
"Yes, things change…" she murmured — hopefully, I thought. "Some thingsare more certain than others… like the weather. People are harder. I onlysee the course they're on while they're on it. Once they change theirminds — make a new decision, no matter how small — the whole futureshifts." I nodded thoughtfully. "So you couldn't see James in Phoenix9 until hedecided to come here.""Yes," she agreed, wary again.
And she hadn't seen me in the mirror room with James until I'd made thedecision to meet him there. I tried not to think about what else shemight have seen. I didn't want my panic to make Jasper more suspicious.
They would be watching me twice as carefully now, anyway, after Alice'svision. This was going to be impossible.
We got to the airport. Luck was with me, or maybe it was just good odds11.
Edward's plane was landing in terminal four, the largest terminal, wheremost flights landed — so it wasn't surprising that his was. But it wasthe terminal I needed: the biggest, the most confusing. And there was adoor on level three that might be the only chance.
We parked on the fourth floor of the huge garage. I led the way, for oncemore knowledgeable12 about my surroundings than they were. We took theelevator down to level three, where the passengers unloaded. Alice andJasper spent a long time looking at the departing flights board. I couldhear them discussing the pros13 and cons14 of New York, Atlanta, Chicago.
Places I'd never seen. And would never see.
I waited for my opportunity, impatient, unable to stop my toe fromtapping. We sat in the long rows of chairs by the metal detectors15, Jasperand Alice pretending to people-watch but really watching me. Every inch Ishifted in my seat was followed by a quick glance out of the corner oftheir eyes. It was hopeless. Should I run? Would they dare to stop mephysically in this public place? Or would they simply follow?
I pulled the unmarked envelope out of my pocket and set it on top ofAlice's black leather bag. She looked at me.
"My letter," I said. She nodded, tucking it under the top flap. He wouldfind it soon enough.
The minutes passed and Edward's arrival grew closer. It was amazing howevery cell in my body seemed to know he was coming, to long for hiscoming. That made it very hard. I found myself trying to think of excusesto stay, to see him first and then make my escape. But I knew that wasimpossible if I was going to have any chance to get away.
Several times Alice offered to go get breakfast with me. Later, I toldher, not yet.
I stared at the arrival board, watching as flight after flight arrived ontime. The flight from Seattle crept closer to the top of the board.
And then, when I had only thirty minutes to make my escape, the numberschanged. His plane was ten minutes early. I had no more time.
"I think I'll eat now," I said quickly.
Alice stood. "I'll come with you.""Do you mind if Jasper comes instead?" I asked. "I'm feeling a little…" Ididn't finish the sentence. My eyes were wild enough to convey what Ididn't say.
Jasper stood up. Alice's eyes were confused, but — I saw to my relief—not suspicious. She must be attributing the change in her vision to somemaneuver of the tracker's rather than a betrayal by me.
Jasper walked silently beside me, his hand on the small of my back, as ifhe were guiding me. I pretended a lack of interest in the first fewairport cafes, my head scanning for what I really wanted. And there itwas, around the corner, out of Alice's sharp sight: the level-threeladies' room.
"Do you mind?" I asked Jasper as we passed. "I'll just be a moment." "I'll be right here," he said.
As soon as the door shut behind me, I was running. I remembered the timeI had gotten lost from this bathroom, because it had two exits.
Outside the far door it was only a short sprint16 to the elevators, and ifJasper stayed where he said he would, I'd never be in his line of sight.
I didn't look behind me as I ran. This was my only chance, and even if hesaw me, I had to keep going. People stared, but I ignored them. Aroundthe corner the elevators were waiting, and I dashed forward, throwing myhand between the closing doors of a full elevator headed down. I squeezedin beside the irritated passengers, and checked to make sure that thebutton for level one had been pushed. It was already lit, and the doorsclosed.
As soon as the door opened I was off again, to the sound of annoyedmurmurs behind me. I slowed myself as I passed the security guards by theluggage carousels17, only to break into a run again as the exit doors cameinto view. I had no way of knowing if Jasper was looking for me yet.
I would have only seconds if he was following my scent18. I jumped out theautomatic doors, nearly smacking19 into the glass when they opened tooslowly.
Along the crowded curb20 there wasn't a cab in sight.
I had no time. Alice and Jasper were either about to realize I was gone,or they already had. They would find me in a heartbeat.
A shuttle to the Hyatt was just closing its doors a few feet behind me.
"Wait!" I called, running, waving at the driver.
"This is the shuttle to the Hyatt," the driver said in confusion as heopened the doors.
"Yes," I huffed, "that's where I'm going." I hurried up the steps.
He looked askance at my luggage-less state, but then shrugged21, not caringenough to ask.
Most of the seats were empty. I sat as far from the other travelers aspossible, and watched out the window as first the sidewalk, and then theairport, drifted away. I couldn't help imagining Edward, where he wouldstand at the edge of the road when he found the end of my trail. Icouldn't cry yet, I told myself. I still had a long way to go.
My luck held. In front of the Hyatt, a tired-looking couple was gettingtheir last suitcase out of the trunk of a cab. I jumped out of theshuttle and ran to the cab, sliding into the seat behind the driver. Thetired couple and the shuttle driver stared at me.
I told the surprised cabbie my mother's address. "I need to get there assoon as possible.""That's in Scottsdale," he complained.
I threw four twenties over the seat.
"Will that be enough?""Sure, kid, no problem."I sat back against the seat, folding my arms across my lap. The familiarcity began to rush around me, but I didn't look out the windows. Iexerted myself to maintain control. I was determined22 not to lose myselfat this point, now that my plan was successfully completed. There was nopoint in indulging in more terror, more anxiety. My path was set. I justhad to follow it now.
So, instead of panicking, I closed my eyes and spent the twenty minutes'
drive with Edward.
I imagined that I had stayed at the airport to meet Edward. I visualizedhow I would stand on my toes, the sooner to see his face. How quickly,how gracefully23 he would move through the crowds of people separating us.
And then I would run to close those last few feet between us — recklessas always — and I would be in his marble arms, finally safe.
I wondered where we would have gone. North somewhere, so he could beoutside in the day. Or maybe somewhere very remote, so we could lay inthe sun together again. I imagined him by the shore, his skin sparklinglike the sea. It wouldn't matter how long we had to hide. To be trappedin a hotel room with him would be a kind of heaven. So many questions Istill had for him. I could talk to him forever, never sleeping, neverleaving his side.
I could see his face so clearly now… almost hear his voice. And, despiteall the horror and hopelessness, I was fleetingly24 happy. So involved wasI in my escapist daydreams25, I lost all track of the seconds racing26 by.
"Hey, what was the number?"The cabbie's question punctured27 my fantasy, letting all the colors runout of my lovely delusions28. Fear, bleak29 and hard, was waiting to fill theempty space they left behind.
"Fifty-eight twenty-one." My voice sounded strangled. The cabbie lookedat me, nervous that I was having an episode or something.
"Here we are, then." He was anxious to get me out of his car, probablyhoping I wouldn't ask for my change.
"Thank you," I whispered. There was no need to be afraid, I remindedmyself. The house was empty. I had to hurry; my mom was waiting for me,frightened, depending on me.
I ran to the door, reaching up automatically to grab the key under theeave. I unlocked the door. It was dark inside, empty, normal. I ran tothe phone, turning on the kitchen light on my way. There, on thewhiteboard, was a ten-digit number written in a small, neat hand. Myfingers stumbled over the keypad, making mistakes. I had to hang up andstart again. I concentrated only on the buttons this time, carefullypressing each one in turn. I was successful. I held the phone to my earwith a shaking hand. It rang only once.
"Hello, Bella," that easy voice answered. "That was very quick. I'mimpressed.""Is my mom all right?""She's perfectly30 fine. Don't worry, Bella, I have no quarrel with her.
Unless you didn't come alone, of course." Light, amused.
"I'm alone." I'd never been more alone in my entire life.
"Very good. Now, do you know the ballet studio just around the cornerfrom your home?""Yes. I know how to get there.""Well, then, I'll see you very soon."I hung up.
I ran from the room, through the door, out into the baking heat.
There was no time to look back at my house, and I didn't want to see itas it was now — empty, a symbol of fear instead of sanctuary31. The lastperson to walk through those familiar rooms was my enemy.
From the corner of my eye, I could almost see my mother standing32 in theshade of the big eucalyptus33 tree where I'd played as a child. Or kneeling by the little plot of dirt around the mailbox, the cemetery34 of all theflowers she'd tried to grow. The memories were better than any reality Iwould see today. But I raced away from them, toward the corner, leavingeverything behind me.
I felt so slow, like I was running through wet sand — I couldn't seem toget enough purchase from the concrete. I tripped several times, oncefalling, catching35 myself with my hands, scraping them on the sidewalk,and then lurching up to plunge36 forward again. But at last I made it tothe corner. Just another street now; I ran, sweat pouring down my face,gasping. The sun was hot on my skin, too bright as it bounced off thewhite concrete and blinded me. I felt dangerously exposed. More fiercelythan I would have dreamed I was capable of, I wished for the green,protective forests of Forks… of home.
When I rounded the last corner, onto Cactus37, I could see the studio,looking just as I remembered it. The parking lot in front was empty, thevertical blinds in all the windows drawn6. I couldn't run anymore — Icouldn't breathe; exertion38 and fear had gotten the best of me. I thoughtof my mother to keep my feet moving, one in front of the other.
As I got closer, I could see the sign inside the door. It was handwrittenon hot pink paper; it said the dance studio was closed for spring break.
I touched the handle, tugged39 on it cautiously. It was unlocked. I foughtto catch my breath, and opened the door.
The lobby was dark and empty, cool, the air conditioner thrumming. Theplastic molded chairs were stacked along the walls, and the carpetsmelled like shampoo. The west dance floor was dark, I could see throughthe open viewing window. The east dance floor, the bigger room, was lit.
But the blinds were closed on the window.
Terror seized me so strongly that I was literally40 trapped by it. Icouldn't make my feet move forward.
And then my mother's voice called.
"Bella? Bella?" That same tone of hysterical41 panic. I sprinted42 to thedoor, to the sound of her voice.
"Bella, you scared me! Don't you ever do that to me again!" Her voicecontinued as I ran into the long, high-ceilinged room.
I stared around me, trying to find where her voice was coming from. Iheard her laugh, and I whirled to the sound.
There she was, on the TV screen, tousling my hair in relief. It wasThanksgiving, and I was twelve. We'd gone to see my grandmother inCalifornia, the last year before she died. We went to the beach one day,and I'd leaned too far over the edge of the pier43. She'd seen my feetflailing, trying to reclaim44 my balance. "Bella? Bella?" she'd called tome in fear.
And then the TV screen was blue.
I turned slowly. He was standing very still by the back exit, so still Ihadn't noticed him at first. In his hand was a remote control. We staredat each other for a long moment, and then he smiled.
He walked toward me, quite close, and then passed me to put the remotedown next to the VCR. I turned carefully to watch him.
"Sorry about that, Bella, but isn't it better that your mother didn'treally have to be involved in all this?" His voice was courteous45, kind.
And suddenly it hit me. My mother was safe. She was still in Florida.
She'd never gotten my message. She'd never been terrified by the dark redeyes in the abnormally pale face before me. She was safe.
"Yes," I answered, my voice saturated46 with relief.
"You don't sound angry that I tricked you." "I'm not." My sudden high made me brave. What did it matter now? It wouldsoon be over. Charlie and Mom would never be harmed, would never have tofear. I felt almost giddy. Some analytical47 part of my mind warned me thatI was dangerously close to snapping from the stress.
"How odd. You really mean it." His dark eyes assessed me with interest.
The irises48 were nearly black, just a hint of ruby49 around the edges.
Thirsty. "I will give your strange coven this much, you humans can bequite interesting. I guess I can see the draw of observing you. It'samazing — some of you seem to have no sense of your own self-interest atall."He was standing a few feet away from me, arms folded, looking at mecuriously. There was no menace in his face or stance. He was so veryaverage-looking, nothing remarkable50 about his face or body at all. Justthe white skin, the circled eyes I'd grown so used to. He wore a paleblue, long-sleeved shirt and faded blue jeans.
"I suppose you're going to tell me that your boyfriend will avenge51 you?"he asked, hopefully it seemed to me.
"No, I don't think so. At least, I asked him not to.""And what was his reply to that?""I don't know." It was strangely easy to converse52 with this genteelhunter. "I left him a letter.""How romantic, a last letter. And do you think he will honor it?" Hisvoice was just a little harder now, a hint of sarcasm53 marring his politetone.
"I hope so.""Hmmm. Well, our hopes differ then. You see, this was all just a littletoo easy, too quick. To be quite honest, I'm disappointed. I expected amuch greater challenge. And, after all, I only needed a little luck."I waited in silence.
"When Victoria couldn't get to your father, I had her find out more aboutyou. There was no sense in running all over the planet chasing you downwhen I could comfortably wait for you in a place of my choosing. So,after I talked to Victoria, I decided10 to come to Phoenix to pay yourmother a visit. I'd heard you say you were going home. At first, I neverdreamed you meant it. But then I wondered. Humans can be verypredictable; they like to be somewhere familiar, somewhere safe. Andwouldn't it be the perfect ploy54, to go to the last place you should bewhen you're hiding — the place that you said you'd be.
"But of course I wasn't sure, it was just a hunch55. I usually get afeeling about the prey56 that I'm hunting, a sixth sense, if you will. Ilistened to your message when I got to your mother's house, but of courseI couldn't be sure where you'd called from. It was very useful to haveyour number, but you could have been in Antarctica for all I knew, andthe game wouldn't work unless you were close by.
"Then your boyfriend got on a plane to Phoenix. Victoria was monitoringthem for me, naturally; in a game with this many players, I couldn't beworking alone. And so they told me what I'd hoped, that you were hereafter all. I was prepared; I'd already been through your charming homemovies. And then it was simply a matter of the bluff57.
"Very easy, you know, not really up to my standards. So, you see, I'mhoping you're wrong about your boyfriend. Edward, isn't it?"I didn't answer. The bravado58 was wearing off. I sensed that he was comingto the end of his gloat. It wasn't meant for me anyway. There was noglory in beating me, a weak human.
"Would you mind, very much, if I left a little letter of my own for your Edward?"He took a step back and touched a palm-sized digital video camerabalanced carefully on top of the stereo. A small red light indicated thatit was already running. He adjusted it a few times, widened the frame. Istared at him in horror.
"I'm sorry, but I just don't think he'll be able to resist hunting meafter he watches this. And I wouldn't want him to miss anything. It wasall for him, of course. You're simply a human, who unfortunately was inthe wrong place, at the wrong time, and indisputably running with thewrong crowd, I might add."He stepped toward me, smiling. "Before we begin…"I felt a curl of nausea59 in the pit of my stomach as he spoke60. This wassomething I had not anticipated.
"I would just like to rub it in, just a little bit. The answer was thereall along, and I was so afraid Edward would see that and ruin my fun. Ithappened once, oh, ages ago. The one and only time my prey escaped me.
"You see, the vampire61 who was so stupidly fond of this little victim madethe choice that your Edward was too weak to make. When the old one knew Iwas after his little friend, he stole her from the asylum62 where he worked— I never will understand the obsession63 some vampires64 seem to form withyou humans — and as soon as he freed her he made her safe. She didn'teven seem to notice the pain, poor little creature. She'd been stuck inthat black hole of a cell for so long. A hundred years earlier and shewould have been burned at the stake for her visions. In thenineteen-twenties it was the asylum and the shock treatments. When sheopened her eyes, strong with her fresh youth, it was like she'd neverseen the sun before. The old vampire made her a strong new vampire, andthere was no reason for me to touch her then." He sighed. "I destroyedthe old one in vengeance65.""Alice," I breathed, astonished.
"Yes, your little friend. I was surprised to see her in the clearing. SoI guess her coven ought to be able to derive66 some comfort from thisexperience. I get you, but they get her. The one victim who escaped me,quite an honor, actually.
"And she did smell so delicious. I still regret that I never got totaste… She smelled even better than you do. Sorry — I don't mean to beoffensive. You have a very nice smell. Floral, somehow…"He took another step toward me, till he was just inches away. He lifted alock of my hair and sniffed67 at it delicately. Then he gently patted thestrand back into place, and I felt his cool fingertips against my throat.
He reached up to stroke my cheek once quickly with his thumb, his facecurious. I wanted so badly to run, but I was frozen. I couldn't evenflinch away.
"No," he murmured to himself as he dropped his hand, "I don'tunderstand." He sighed. "Well, I suppose we should get on with it. Andthen I can call your friends and tell them where to find you, and mylittle message."I was definitely sick now. There was pain coming, I could see it in hiseyes. It wouldn't be enough for him to win, to feed and go. There wouldbe no quick end like I'd been counting on. My knees began to shake, and Iwas afraid I was going to fall.
He stepped back, and began to circle, casually68, as if he were trying toget a better view of a statue in a museum. His face was still open andfriendly as he decided where to start.
Then he slumped69 forward, into a crouch70 I recognized, and his pleasantsmile slowly widened, grew, till it wasn't a smile at all but acontortion of teeth, exposed and glistening71.
I couldn't help myself— I tried to run. As useless as I knew it would be,as weak as my knees already were, panic took over and I bolted for theemergency door.
He was in front of me in a flash. I didn't see if he used his hand or his foot, it was too fast. A crushing blow struck my chest — I felt myselfflying backward, and then heard the crunch72 as my head bashed into themirrors. The glass buckled73, some of the pieces shattering and splinteringon the floor beside me.
I was too stunned74 to feel the pain. I couldn't breathe yet.
He walked toward me slowly.
"That's a very nice effect," he said, examining the mess of glass, hisvoice friendly again. "I thought this room would be visually dramatic formy little film. That's why I picked this place to meet you. It's perfect,isn't it?"I ignored him, scrambling75 on my hands and knees, crawling toward theother door.
He was over me at once, his foot stepping down hard on my leg. I heardthe sickening snap before I felt it. But then I did feel it, and Icouldn't hold back my scream of agony. I twisted up to reach for my leg,and he was standing over me, smiling.
"Would you like to rethink your last request?" he asked pleasantly. Histoe nudged my broken leg and I heard a piercing scream. With a shock, Irealized it was mine.
"Wouldn't you rather have Edward try to find me?" he prompted.
"No!" I croaked76. "No, Edward, don't—" And then something smashed into myface, throwing me back into the broken mirrors.
Over the pain of my leg, I felt the sharp rip across my scalp where theglass cut into it. And then the warm wetness began to spread through myhair with alarming speed. I could feel it soaking the shoulder of myshirt, hear it dripping on the wood below. The smell of it twisted mystomach.
Through the nausea and dizziness I saw something that gave me a sudden,final shred77 of hope. His eyes, merely intent before, now burned with anuncontrollable need. The blood — spreading crimson78 across my white shirt,pooling rapidly on the floor — was driving him mad with thirst. No matterhis original intentions, he couldn't draw this out much longer.
Let it be quick now, was all I could hope as the flow of blood from myhead sucked my consciousness away with it. My eyes were closing.
I heard, as if from underwater, the final growl79 of the hunter. I couldsee, through the long tunnels my eyes had become, his dark shape comingtoward me. With my last effort, my hand instinctively80 raised to protectmy face. My eyes closed, and I drifted.


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探测器( detector的名词复数 )
  • The report advocated that all buildings be fitted with smoke detectors. 报告主张所有的建筑物都应安装烟火探测器。
  • This is heady wine for experimenters using these neutrino detectors. 对于使用中微子探测器的实验工作者,这是令人兴奋的美酒。 来自英汉非文学 - 科技
16 sprint QvWwR     
n.短距离赛跑;vi. 奋力而跑,冲刺;vt.全速跑过
  • He put on a sprint to catch the bus.他全速奔跑以赶上公共汽车。
  • The runner seemed to be rallied for a final sprint.这名赛跑者似乎在振作精神作最后的冲刺。
17 carousels b5d1f9c599d977c7adaa5329590ce9df     
n.喧闹的酒会;旋转木马( carousel的名词复数 )
  • Object carousel and data carousel are both carousels. 对象轮和数据轮都是轮播方式,但是两者存在区别。 来自互联网
  • Build dizzy carousels, unbelievable roller-coasters, Ferris wheels, fear halls and other thrilling andand thirsty. 建造眩目的回旋木马,难以置信的云霄飞车,摩天轮,恐怖木屋和其他令人毛骨悚然的设备。 来自互联网
18 scent WThzs     
  • The air was filled with the scent of lilac.空气中弥漫着丁香花的芬芳。
  • The flowers give off a heady scent at night.这些花晚上散发出醉人的芳香。
19 smacking b1f17f97b1bddf209740e36c0c04e638     
  • He gave both of the children a good smacking. 他把两个孩子都狠揍了一顿。
  • She inclined her cheek,and John gave it a smacking kiss. 她把头低下,约翰在她的脸上响亮的一吻。
20 curb LmRyy     
  • I could not curb my anger.我按捺不住我的愤怒。
  • You must curb your daughter when you are in church.你在教堂时必须管住你的女儿。
21 shrugged 497904474a48f991a3d1961b0476ebce     
  • Sam shrugged and said nothing. 萨姆耸耸肩膀,什么也没说。
  • She shrugged, feigning nonchalance. 她耸耸肩,装出一副无所谓的样子。 来自《简明英汉词典》
22 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
23 gracefully KfYxd     
  • She sank gracefully down onto a cushion at his feet. 她优雅地坐到他脚旁的垫子上。
  • The new coats blouse gracefully above the hip line. 新外套在臀围线上优美地打着褶皱。
24 fleetingly 1e8e5924a703d294803ae899dba3651b     
  • The quarks and gluons indeed break out of confinement and behave collectively, if only fleetingly. 夸克与胶子确实打破牢笼而表现出集体行为,虽然这种状态转瞬即逝。 来自互联网
25 daydreams 6b57d1c03c8b2893e2fe456dbdf42f5b     
n.白日梦( daydream的名词复数 )v.想入非非,空想( daydream的第三人称单数 )
  • Often they gave themselves up to daydreams of escape. 他们常沉溺进这种逃避现实的白日梦。 来自英汉文学
  • I would become disgusted with my futile daydreams. 我就讨厌自己那种虚无的梦想。 来自辞典例句
26 racing 1ksz3w     
  • I was watching the racing on television last night.昨晚我在电视上看赛马。
  • The two racing drivers fenced for a chance to gain the lead.两个赛车手伺机竞相领先。
27 punctured 921f9ed30229127d0004d394b2c18311     
v.在(某物)上穿孔( puncture的过去式和过去分词 );刺穿(某物);削弱(某人的傲气、信心等);泄某人的气
  • Some glass on the road punctured my new tyre. 路上的玻璃刺破了我的新轮胎。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • A nail on the road punctured the tyre. 路上的钉子把车胎戳穿了。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
28 delusions 2aa783957a753fb9191a38d959fe2c25     
n.欺骗( delusion的名词复数 );谬见;错觉;妄想
  • the delusions of the mentally ill 精神病患者的妄想
  • She wants to travel first-class: she must have delusions of grandeur. 她想坐头等舱旅行,她一定自以为很了不起。 来自辞典例句
29 bleak gtWz5     
  • They showed me into a bleak waiting room.他们引我来到一间阴冷的会客室。
  • The company's prospects look pretty bleak.这家公司的前景异常暗淡。
30 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
31 sanctuary iCrzE     
  • There was a sanctuary of political refugees behind the hospital.医院后面有一个政治难民的避难所。
  • Most countries refuse to give sanctuary to people who hijack aeroplanes.大多数国家拒绝对劫机者提供庇护。
32 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
33 eucalyptus jnaxm     
  • Eucalyptus oil is good for easing muscular aches and pains.桉树油可以很好地缓解肌肉的疼痛。
  • The birds rustled in the eucalyptus trees.鸟在桉树弄出沙沙的响声。
34 cemetery ur9z7     
  • He was buried in the cemetery.他被葬在公墓。
  • His remains were interred in the cemetery.他的遗体葬在墓地。
35 catching cwVztY     
  • There are those who think eczema is catching.有人就是认为湿疹会传染。
  • Enthusiasm is very catching.热情非常富有感染力。
36 plunge 228zO     
  • Test pool's water temperature before you plunge in.在你跳入之前你应该测试水温。
  • That would plunge them in the broil of the two countries.那将会使他们陷入这两国的争斗之中。
37 cactus Cs1zF     
  • It was the first year that the cactus had produced flowers.这是这棵仙人掌第一年开花。
  • The giant cactus is the vegetable skycraper.高大的仙人掌是植物界巨人。
38 exertion F7Fyi     
  • We were sweating profusely from the exertion of moving the furniture.我们搬动家具大费气力,累得大汗淋漓。
  • She was hot and breathless from the exertion of cycling uphill.由于用力骑车爬坡,她浑身发热。
39 tugged 8a37eb349f3c6615c56706726966d38e     
v.用力拉,使劲拉,猛扯( tug的过去式和过去分词 )
  • She tugged at his sleeve to get his attention. 她拽了拽他的袖子引起他的注意。
  • A wry smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. 他的嘴角带一丝苦笑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
40 literally 28Wzv     
  • He translated the passage literally.他逐字逐句地翻译这段文字。
  • Sometimes she would not sit down till she was literally faint.有时候,她不走到真正要昏厥了,决不肯坐下来。
41 hysterical 7qUzmE     
  • He is hysterical at the sight of the photo.他一看到那张照片就异常激动。
  • His hysterical laughter made everybody stunned.他那歇斯底里的笑声使所有的人不知所措。
42 sprinted cbad7fd28d99bfe76a3766a4dd081936     
v.短距离疾跑( sprint的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He sprinted for the line. 他向终点线冲去。
  • Sergeant Horne sprinted to the car. 霍恩中士全力冲向那辆汽车。 来自辞典例句
43 pier U22zk     
  • The pier of the bridge has been so badly damaged that experts worry it is unable to bear weight.这座桥的桥桩破损厉害,专家担心它已不能负重。
  • The ship was making towards the pier.船正驶向码头。
44 reclaim NUWxp     
  • I have tried to reclaim my money without success.我没能把钱取回来。
  • You must present this ticket when you reclaim your luggage.当你要取回行李时,必须出示这张票子。
45 courteous tooz2     
  • Although she often disagreed with me,she was always courteous.尽管她常常和我意见不一,但她总是很谦恭有礼。
  • He was a kind and courteous man.他为人友善,而且彬彬有礼。
46 saturated qjEzG3     
  • The continuous rain had saturated the soil. 连绵不断的雨把土地淋了个透。
  • a saturated solution of sodium chloride 氯化钠饱和溶液
47 analytical lLMyS     
  • I have an analytical approach to every survey.对每项调查我都采用分析方法。
  • As a result,analytical data obtained by analysts were often in disagreement.结果各个分析家所得的分析数据常常不一致。
48 irises 02b35ccfca195572fa75a384bbcf196a     
n.虹( iris的名词复数 );虹膜;虹彩;鸢尾(花)
  • The cottage gardens blaze with irises, lilies and peonies. 村舍花园万紫千红,鸢尾、百合花和牡丹竞相争艳。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The irises were of flecked grey. 虹膜呈斑驳的灰色。 来自《简明英汉词典》
49 ruby iXixS     
  • She is wearing a small ruby earring.她戴着一枚红宝石小耳环。
  • On the handle of his sword sat the biggest ruby in the world.他的剑柄上镶有一颗世上最大的红宝石。
50 remarkable 8Vbx6     
  • She has made remarkable headway in her writing skills.她在写作技巧方面有了长足进步。
  • These cars are remarkable for the quietness of their engines.这些汽车因发动机没有噪音而不同凡响。
51 avenge Zutzl     
  • He swore to avenge himself on the mafia.他发誓说要向黑手党报仇。
  • He will avenge the people on their oppressor.他将为人民向压迫者报仇。
52 converse 7ZwyI     
  • He can converse in three languages.他可以用3种语言谈话。
  • I wanted to appear friendly and approachable but I think I gave the converse impression.我想显得友好、平易近人些,却发觉给人的印象恰恰相反。
53 sarcasm 1CLzI     
n.讥讽,讽刺,嘲弄,反话 (adj.sarcastic)
  • His sarcasm hurt her feelings.他的讽刺伤害了她的感情。
  • She was given to using bitter sarcasm.她惯于用尖酸刻薄语言挖苦人。
54 ploy FuQyE     
  • I think this is just a government ploy to deceive the public.我认为这只是政府欺骗公众的手段。
  • Christmas should be a time of excitement and wonder,not a cynical marketing ploy.圣诞节应该是兴奋和美妙的时刻,而不该是一种肆无忌惮的营销策略。
55 hunch CdVzZ     
  • I have a hunch that he didn't really want to go.我有这么一种感觉,他并不真正想去。
  • I had a hunch that Susan and I would work well together.我有预感和苏珊共事会很融洽。
56 prey g1czH     
  • Stronger animals prey on weaker ones.弱肉强食。
  • The lion was hunting for its prey.狮子在寻找猎物。
57 bluff ftZzB     
  • His threats are merely bluff.他的威胁仅仅是虚张声势。
  • John is a deep card.No one can bluff him easily.约翰是个机灵鬼。谁也不容易欺骗他。
58 bravado CRByZ     
  • Their behaviour was just sheer bravado. 他们的行为完全是虚张声势。
  • He flourished the weapon in an attempt at bravado. 他挥舞武器意在虚张声势。
59 nausea C5Dzz     
  • Early pregnancy is often accompanied by nausea.怀孕期常有恶心的现象。
  • He experienced nausea after eating octopus.吃了章鱼后他感到恶心。
60 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
61 vampire 8KMzR     
  • It wasn't a wife waiting there for him but a blood sucking vampire!家里的不是个老婆,而是个吸人血的妖精!
  • Children were afraid to go to sleep at night because of the many legends of vampire.由于听过许多有关吸血鬼的传说,孩子们晚上不敢去睡觉。
62 asylum DobyD     
  • The people ask for political asylum.人们请求政治避难。
  • Having sought asylum in the West for many years,they were eventually granted it.他们最终获得了在西方寻求多年的避难权。
63 obsession eIdxt     
  • I was suffering from obsession that my career would be ended.那时的我陷入了我的事业有可能就此终止的困扰当中。
  • She would try to forget her obsession with Christopher.她会努力忘记对克里斯托弗的迷恋。
64 vampires 156828660ac146a537e281c7af443361     
n.吸血鬼( vampire的名词复数 );吸血蝠;高利贷者;(舞台上的)活板门
  • The most effective weapon against the vampires is avampire itself. 对付吸血鬼最有效的武器就是吸血鬼自己。 来自电影对白
  • If vampires existed, don`t you think we would`ve found them by now? 如果真有吸血鬼,那我们怎么还没有找到他们呢? 来自电影对白
65 vengeance wL6zs     
  • He swore vengeance against the men who murdered his father.他发誓要向那些杀害他父亲的人报仇。
  • For years he brooded vengeance.多年来他一直在盘算报仇。
66 derive hmLzH     
  • We derive our sustenance from the land.我们从土地获取食物。
  • We shall derive much benefit from reading good novels.我们将从优秀小说中获得很大好处。
67 sniffed ccb6bd83c4e9592715e6230a90f76b72     
v.以鼻吸气,嗅,闻( sniff的过去式和过去分词 );抽鼻子(尤指哭泣、患感冒等时出声地用鼻子吸气);抱怨,不以为然地说
  • When Jenney had stopped crying she sniffed and dried her eyes. 珍妮停止了哭泣,吸了吸鼻子,擦干了眼泪。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The dog sniffed suspiciously at the stranger. 狗疑惑地嗅着那个陌生人。 来自《简明英汉词典》
68 casually UwBzvw     
  • She remarked casually that she was changing her job.她当时漫不经心地说要换工作。
  • I casually mentioned that I might be interested in working abroad.我不经意地提到我可能会对出国工作感兴趣。
69 slumped b010f9799fb8ebd413389b9083180d8d     
大幅度下降,暴跌( slump的过去式和过去分词 ); 沉重或突然地落下[倒下]
  • Sales have slumped this year. 今年销售量锐减。
  • The driver was slumped exhausted over the wheel. 司机伏在方向盘上,疲惫得睡着了。
70 crouch Oz4xX     
  • I crouched on the ground.我蹲在地上。
  • He crouched down beside him.他在他的旁边蹲下来。
71 glistening glistening     
adj.闪耀的,反光的v.湿物闪耀,闪亮( glisten的现在分词 )
  • Her eyes were glistening with tears. 她眼里闪着晶莹的泪花。
  • Her eyes were glistening with tears. 她眼睛中的泪水闪着柔和的光。 来自《用法词典》
72 crunch uOgzM     
  • If it comes to the crunch they'll support us.关键时刻他们是会支持我们的。
  • People who crunch nuts at the movies can be very annoying.看电影时嘎吱作声地嚼干果的人会使人十分讨厌。
73 buckled qxfz0h     
a. 有带扣的
  • She buckled her belt. 她扣上了腰带。
  • The accident buckled the wheel of my bicycle. 我自行车的轮子在事故中弄弯了。
74 stunned 735ec6d53723be15b1737edd89183ec2     
adj. 震惊的,惊讶的 动词stun的过去式和过去分词
  • The fall stunned me for a moment. 那一下摔得我昏迷了片刻。
  • The leaders of the Kopper Company were then stunned speechless. 科伯公司的领导们当时被惊得目瞪口呆。
75 scrambling cfea7454c3a8813b07de2178a1025138     
v.快速爬行( scramble的现在分词 );攀登;争夺;(军事飞机)紧急起飞
  • Scrambling up her hair, she darted out of the house. 她匆忙扎起头发,冲出房去。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • She is scrambling eggs. 她正在炒蛋。 来自《简明英汉词典》
76 croaked 9a150c9af3075625e0cba4de8da8f6a9     
v.呱呱地叫( croak的过去式和过去分词 );用粗的声音说
  • The crow croaked disaster. 乌鸦呱呱叫预报灾难。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • 'she has a fine head for it," croaked Jacques Three. “她有一个漂亮的脑袋跟着去呢,”雅克三号低沉地说。 来自英汉文学 - 双城记
77 shred ETYz6     
  • There is not a shred of truth in what he says.他说的全是骗人的鬼话。
  • The food processor can shred all kinds of vegetables.这架食品加工机可将各种蔬菜切丝切条。
78 crimson AYwzH     
  • She went crimson with embarrassment.她羞得满脸通红。
  • Maple leaves have turned crimson.枫叶已经红了。
79 growl VeHzE     
  • The dog was biting,growling and wagging its tail.那条狗在一边撕咬一边低声吼叫,尾巴也跟着摇摆。
  • The car growls along rutted streets.汽车在车辙纵横的街上一路轰鸣。
80 instinctively 2qezD2     
  • As he leaned towards her she instinctively recoiled. 他向她靠近,她本能地往后缩。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He knew instinctively where he would find her. 他本能地知道在哪儿能找到她。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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