Justine 淑女的眼泪 Chapter 53
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"Very well," I replied, "very well, Madame, but let's spend a moment reasoning in terms of your own principles: what right have you to require that my conscience be as impregnable as yours when since childhood it has not been accustomed to vanquishing1 the same prejudices? By what title do you require that my mind, which is not constituted like your own, be able to adopt the same systems? You acknowledge sums of good and evil in Nature, you admit that, in consequence, there must be a certain quantity of beings who practice good and another group which devotes itself to evil; the course I elect is hence natural; therefore, how would you be able to demand that I take leave of the rules Nature prescribes to me ? You say you find happiness in the career you pursue; very well, Madame, why should it be that I do not also find it in the career I pursue ? Do not suppose, furthermore, that the law's vigilance long leaves in peace him who violates its codes, you have just had a striking example of the contrary; of the fifteen scoundrels with whom I was living, fourteen perish ignominiously2...."
"And is that what you call a misfortune ?" Dubois asked. "But what does this ignominy mean to him who has principles no longer? When one has trespassed3 every frontier, when in our eyes honor is no more than a hallucination, reputation of perfect indifference4, religion an illusion, death a total annihilation; is it then not the same thing, to die on the scaffold or in bed? There are two varieties of rascals5 in the world, Therese: the one a powerful fortune or prodigious6 influence shelters from this tragic7 end; the other one who is unable to avoid it when taken. The latter, born unprovided with possessions, must have but one desire if he has any esprit: to become rich at no matter what price; if he succeeds, he obtains what he wanted and should be content; if he is put on the rack, what's he to regret since he has nothing to lose? Those laws decreed against banditry are null if they are not extended to apply to the powerful bandit; that the law inspire any dread8 in the miserable9 is impossible, for the sword is the miserable man's only resource."
"And do you believe," I broke in, "that in another world Celestial10 Justice does not await him whom crime has not affrighted in this one?"
"I believe," this dangerous woman answered, "that if there were a God there would be less evil on earth; I believe that since evil exists, these disorders11 are either expressly ordained12 by this God, and there you have a barbarous fellow, or he is incapable13 of preventing them and right away you have a feeble God; in either case, an abominable14 being, a being whose lightning I should defy and whose laws contemn15. Ah, Therese I is not atheism16 preferable to the one and the other of these extremes? that's my doctrine17, dear lass, it's been mine since childhood and I'll surely not renounce18 it while I live."
"You make me shudder19, Madame," I said, getting to my feet; "will you pardon me? for I am unable to listen any longer to your sophistries20 and blasphemies21."
"One moment, Therese," said Dubois, holding me back, "if I cannot conquer your reason, I may at least captivate your heart. I have need of you, do not refuse me your aid; here are a thousand louis: they will be yours as soon as the blow is struck."
Heedless of all but my penchant22 for doing good, I immediately asked Dubois what was involved so as to forestall23, if 'twere possible, the crime she was getting ready to commit.
"Here it is," she said: "have you noticed that young tradesman from Lyon who has been taking his meals here for the past four or five days?"
"Who? Dubreuil?"
"He is in love with you, he told me so in confidence, your modest and gentle air pleases him infinitely25, he adores your candor26, your virtue27 enchants28 him; this romantic fellow has eight hundred thousand francs in gold or paper, it's all in a little coffer he keeps near his bed; let me give the man to understand you consent to hear him, whether that be true or not; for, does it matter? I'll get him to propose you a drive, you'll take a carriage out of the town, I'll persuade him he will advance matters with you during your promenade29; you'll amuse him, you'll keep him away as long as possible, meanwhile I'll rob him, but I'll not flee; his belongings30 will reach Turin before I quit Grenoble, we will employ all imaginable art to dissuade31 him from settling his eyes upon us, we'll pretend to assist his searches; however, my departure will be announced, he'll not be surprised thereby32, you'll follow me, and the thousand louis will be counted out to you immediately we get to the Piedmont."#p#分页标题#e#
"Agreed, Madame," I said to Dubois, fully33 determined34 to warn Dubreuil of the concerted theft, "but consider," I added in order more thoroughly35 to deceive this villain36, "that if Dubreuil is fond of me, by revealing the business or by giving myself to him, I might get much more from him than you offer me to betray him."
"Bravo," replied Dubois, "that's what I call an adept37 scholar, I'm beginning to believe Heaven gave you a greater talent for crime than you pretend: ah well," she continued, picking up a quill38, "here's my note for twenty thousand crowns, now dare say no to me."
"Not for the world, Madame," quoth I, taking her note, "but, at least, my weakness and my wrong in surrendering to your seductions are to be attributed only to my impecunious39 circumstances."
"I'd prefer to interpret it as a meritorious40 act of your intelligence," said Dubois, "but if you prefer me to blame your poverty, why then, as you like; serve me and you will always be content."
Everything was arranged; the same evening I began in earnest to play my game with Dubreuil, and indeed I discovered he had some taste for me.
Nothing could have been more embarrassing than my situation: I was without any doubt far from lending myself to the proposed crime even had it been worth ten thousand times as much gold; but the idea of denouncing this woman was also painful for me; I was exceedingly loath41 to expose to death a creature to whom I had owed my freedom ten years before. I should have liked to have been able to find a way of preventing the crime without having it punished, and with anyone else but a consummate42 villain like Dubois I should have succeeded; here then is what I resolved to do, all the while unaware43 that this horrible woman's base maneuvers44 would not only topple the entire edifice45 of my honorable schemes but even punish me for having dreamt of them.
Upon the day fixed46 for the projected outing, Dubois invites us both to dine in her room, we accept, and the meal over, Dubreuil and I descend47 to summon the carriage that has been prepared for us; Dubois does not accompany us, I find myself alone with Dubreuil the moment before we set out.
"Monsieur," I say, speaking very rapidly, "listen closely to me, don't be alarmed, no noise, and above all pay strict attention to what I am going to recommend; have you a reliable friend at this hotel ?"
"Yes, I have a young associate upon whom I can count with absolute confidence."
"Then, Monsieur, go promptly48 and order him not to leave your room for a second while we are on our drive."
"But I have the key to the room; what does this excess of precaution signify7"
"It is more essential than you believe, Monsieur, I beg you to employ it, or else I shall not go out with you; the woman with whom we dined is a bandit, she only arranged our outing in order more easily to rob you while we are gone; make haste, Monsieur, she is watching us, she is dangerous; quickly, turn your key over to your friend, have him go and install himself in your room and let him not budge49 until we're back. I'll explain the rest as soon as we are in the carriage."
Dubreuil heeds50 me, presses my hand in token of thanks, flies to give orders relative to the warning he has received, and returns; we leave; when en route, I disclose the entire adventure to him, I recite mine and inform him of the unhappy circumstances in my life which have caused me to make the acquaintance of such a woman. This correct and sensible young man expresses the deepest gratitude51 for the service I have just so kindly52 rendered him, he takes an interest in my misfortunes, and proposes to alleviate53 them with the bestowal54 of his hand.
"I am only too happy to be able to make you restitution55 for the wrongs fortune has done you, Mademoiselle," says he; "I am my own master, dependent upon no one, I am going on to Geneva to make a considerable investment with the funds your timely warning has saved me from losing; accompany me to Switzerland; when we arrive there I shall become your husband and you will not appear in Lyon under any other title, or, if you prefer, Mademoiselle, if you have any misgivings56, it will only be in my own country I will give you my name."
Such an offer, so very flattering, was one I dared not refuse; but it did not on the other hand become me to accept it without making Dubreuil aware of all that might cause him to repent57 it; he was grateful for my delicacy58 and only insisted the more urgently... unhappy creature that I was! 'twas necessary that happiness be offered me only in order that I be more deeply penetrated59 with grief at never being able to seize it! it was then ordained that no virtue could be born in my heart without preparing torments60 for me!#p#分页标题#e#
Our conversation had already taken us two leagues from the city, and we were about to dismount in order to enjoy the fresh air along the bank of the Isere, when all of a sudden Dubreuil told me he felt very ill.... He got down, he was seized by dreadful vomitings; I had him climb into the carriage at once and we flew back posthaste to Grenoble. Dubreuil is so sick he has to be borne to his room; his condition startles his associate whom we find there and who, in accordance with instructions, has not stirred from the chamber61; a doctor comes, Just Heaven! Dubreuil has been poisoned! I no sooner learn the fatal news than I dash to Dubois' apartment; the infamous62 creature! she's gone; I rush to my room, my armoire has been forced open, the little money and odds63 and ends I possess have been removed; Dubois, they tell me, left three hours ago in the direction of Turin. There was no doubt she was the author of this multitude of crimes; she had gone to Dubreuil's door; annoyed to find his room occupied, she revenged herself upon me and had envenomed Dubreuil at dinner so that upon our return, if she had succeeded with her theft, that unhappy young man would be more busied with his own failing life than concerned to pursue her who had made off with his fortune and would let her fly in safety; the accident of his death, occurring, so to speak, while he was in my arms, would make me appear more suspect than herself; nothing directly informed us of the scheme she had contrived64, but could it have been different?


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v.征服( vanquish的现在分词 );战胜;克服;抑制
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32 thereby Sokwv     
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33 fully Gfuzd     
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45 edifice kqgxv     
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  • There is a huge Victorian edifice in the area.该地区有一幢维多利亚式的庞大建筑物。
46 fixed JsKzzj     
  • Have you two fixed on a date for the wedding yet?你们俩选定婚期了吗?
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47 descend descend     
  • I hope the grace of God would descend on me.我期望上帝的恩惠。
  • We're not going to descend to such methods.我们不会沦落到使用这种手段。
48 promptly LRMxm     
  • He paid the money back promptly.他立即还了钱。
  • She promptly seized the opportunity his absence gave her.她立即抓住了因他不在场给她创造的机会。
49 budge eSRy5     
  • We tried to lift the rock but it wouldn't budge.我们试图把大石头抬起来,但它连动都没动一下。
  • She wouldn't budge on the issue.她在这个问题上不肯让步。
50 heeds 2302c6335da0620be3085d0d3b786a70     
n.留心,注意,听从( heed的名词复数 )v.听某人的劝告,听从( heed的第三人称单数 )
  • You should never fight the band that heeds you. 从来不要攻击那些注意你行动的帮伙们。 来自互联网
  • He who ignores discipline and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honored. 弃绝管教的、必致贫受辱.领受责备的、必得尊荣。 来自互联网
51 gratitude p6wyS     
  • I have expressed the depth of my gratitude to him.我向他表示了深切的谢意。
  • She could not help her tears of gratitude rolling down her face.她感激的泪珠禁不住沿着面颊流了下来。
52 kindly tpUzhQ     
  • Her neighbours spoke of her as kindly and hospitable.她的邻居都说她和蔼可亲、热情好客。
  • A shadow passed over the kindly face of the old woman.一道阴影掠过老太太慈祥的面孔。
53 alleviate ZxEzJ     
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  • Nothing could alleviate his distress.什么都不能减轻他的痛苦。
54 bestowal d13b3aaf8ac8c34dbc98a4ec0ced9d05     
赠与,给与; 贮存
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  • Just because of the bestowal and self-confidence, we become stronger and more courageous. 只因感恩与自信,让我们变得更加果敢与坚强。
55 restitution cDHyz     
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  • The victims are demanding full restitution.受害人要求全额赔偿。
56 misgivings 0nIzyS     
n.疑虑,担忧,害怕;疑虑,担心,恐惧( misgiving的名词复数 );疑惧
  • I had grave misgivings about making the trip. 对于这次旅行我有过极大的顾虑。
  • Don't be overtaken by misgivings and fear. Just go full stream ahead! 不要瞻前顾后, 畏首畏尾。甩开膀子干吧! 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
57 repent 1CIyT     
  • He has nothing to repent of.他没有什么要懊悔的。
  • Remission of sins is promised to those who repent.悔罪者可得到赦免。
58 delicacy mxuxS     
  • We admired the delicacy of the craftsmanship.我们佩服工艺师精巧的手艺。
  • He sensed the delicacy of the situation.他感觉到了形势的微妙。
59 penetrated 61c8e5905df30b8828694a7dc4c3a3e0     
adj. 击穿的,鞭辟入里的 动词penetrate的过去式和过去分词形式
  • The knife had penetrated his chest. 刀子刺入了他的胸膛。
  • They penetrated into territory where no man had ever gone before. 他们已进入先前没人去过的地区。
60 torments 583b07d85b73539874dc32ae2ffa5f78     
(肉体或精神上的)折磨,痛苦( torment的名词复数 ); 造成痛苦的事物[人]
  • He released me from my torments. 他解除了我的痛苦。
  • He suffered torments from his aching teeth. 他牙痛得难受。
61 chamber wnky9     
  • For many,the dentist's surgery remains a torture chamber.对许多人来说,牙医的治疗室一直是间受刑室。
  • The chamber was ablaze with light.会议厅里灯火辉煌。
62 infamous K7ax3     
  • He was infamous for his anti-feminist attitudes.他因反对女性主义而声名狼藉。
  • I was shocked by her infamous behaviour.她的无耻行径令我震惊。
63 odds n5czT     
  • The odds are 5 to 1 that she will win.她获胜的机会是五比一。
  • Do you know the odds of winning the lottery once?你知道赢得一次彩票的几率多大吗?
64 contrived ivBzmO     
  • There was nothing contrived or calculated about what he said.他说的话里没有任何蓄意捏造的成分。
  • The plot seems contrived.情节看起来不真实。
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