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91. disgust    He turned away in disgust. 他厌恶地把脸转开。    92. distance    My house is within easy walking distance of the shops. 我家离商店很近,走几步就到了。    93. distribution    They could not agree about the distribution of the profits. 他们对于利润的分配意见不一。    94. division    A hedge forms the division between his land and mine. 一道树篱形成他的土地和我的土地之间的分界线。    95. doubt    I have no doubt of your ability. 我相信你的能力。    96. drink    What about a drink? 来杯酒如何?    We have plenty of bottled drinks. 我们有很多的瓶装饮料。    97. driving    take driving lessons 上驾驶课    driving licence 驾驶执照    driving school 驾驶学校    driving test 驾驶执照考试    98. dust    The dust was blowing in the streets. 街上尘土飞扬。    99. earth    Who do you think was the greatest man on earth? 你认为谁是世界上最伟大的人?    100. edge    Don't put the glass on the edge of the table; it may get knocked off. 不要把杯子放在桌边上,它可能被碰掉。