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pendulous1 :: hanging; suspended
pennate :: having wings or feathers
personable :: attractive
perspicuous :: plainly expressed
pharisaical :: pertaining2 to the Pharisees; self-righteous; hypocritical
physiological :: pertaining to the science of the function of living organisms
picaresque :: pertaining to rogues3 in literature
piebald :: mottled; spotted
plangent :: plaintive4; resounding5 sadly
platonic :: purely6 spiritual; theoretical; without sensual desire
plausible :: having a show of truth but open to doubt; specious
postprandial :: after dinner
potable :: suitable for drinking
prehensile :: capable of grasping or holding
premonitory :: serving to warn
prognathous :: having projecting jaws
prophylactic :: used to prevent disease
provincial :: pertaining to a province; limited
psychopathic :: pertaining to mental derangement
purblind :: dim-sighted; obtuse
putative :: supposed; reputed
queasy :: easily nauseated7; squeamish
reactionary :: recoiling8 from progress; retrograde
recherch?:: choice, sought after; rare
resilient :: elastic9; having the power of springing back
resurgent :: rising again after defeat, etc.
reticulated :: covered with a network; having the appearance of a mesh
rustic :: pertaining to country people; uncouth
saltatory :: relating to leaping
sanctimonious :: displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness
sartorial :: pertaining to tailors
sensuous :: pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses
septic :: putrid; producing putrefaction
sequacious :: eager to follow; ductile
serried :: standing shoulder to shoulder; crowded
sibylline :: prophetic; oracular
simpering :: smirking
somatic :: pertaining to the body; physical
sophomoric :: immature; shallow
staccato :: played in an abrupt manner; marked by abrupt sharp sound
stalwart :: strong, brawny; steadfast
statutory :: created by statute or legislative action
stereotyped :: fixed and unvarying representation
stertorous :: having a snoring sound
stilted :: bombastic; inflated
suave :: smooth; bland
subjective :: occurring or taking place within the subject; unreal
subliminal :: below the threshold
substantive :: essential; pertaining to the substance
sudorific :: pertaining to perspiration
sumptuary :: limiting or regulating expenditures
supernal :: heavenly; celestial
supple :: flexible; pliant
tantamount :: equal
taut :: tight; ready
temerarious :: rash
tendentious :: having an aim; designed to further a cause
tenebrous :: dark; gloomy
tessellated :: inlaid; mosaic
timorous :: fearful; demonstrating fear
traumatic :: pertaining to an injury caused by violence
tutelary :: protective; pertaining to a guardianship
unilateral :: one-sided
untoward :: unfortunate; annoying
ursine :: bearlike; pertaining to a bear
valedictory :: pertaining to farewell
verbatim :: word for word
vermicular :: pertaining to a worm
vertiginous :: giddy; causing dizziness
viable :: capable of maintaining life
vitreous :: pertaining to or resembling glass


1 pendulous 83nzg     
  • The oriole builds a pendulous nest.金莺鸟筑一个悬垂的巢。
  • Her lip grew pendulous as she aged.由于老迈,她的嘴唇往下坠了。
2 pertaining d922913cc247e3b4138741a43c1ceeb2     
  • Living conditions are vastly different from those pertaining in their country of origin. 生活条件与他们祖国大不相同。
  • The inspector was interested in everything pertaining to the school. 视察员对有关学校的一切都感兴趣。
3 rogues dacf8618aed467521e2383308f5bb4d9     
n.流氓( rogue的名词复数 );无赖;调皮捣蛋的人;离群的野兽
  • 'I'll show these rogues that I'm an honest woman,'said my mother. “我要让那些恶棍知道,我是个诚实的女人。” 来自英汉文学 - 金银岛
  • The rogues looked at each other, but swallowed the home-thrust in silence. 那些恶棍面面相觑,但只好默默咽下这正中要害的话。 来自英汉文学 - 金银岛
4 plaintive z2Xz1     
  • Her voice was small and plaintive.她的声音微弱而哀伤。
  • Somewhere in the audience an old woman's voice began plaintive wail.观众席里,一位老太太伤心地哭起来。
5 resounding zkCzZC     
adj. 响亮的
  • The astronaut was welcomed with joyous,resounding acclaim. 人们欢声雷动地迎接那位宇航员。
  • He hit the water with a resounding slap. 他啪的一声拍了一下水。
6 purely 8Sqxf     
  • I helped him purely and simply out of friendship.我帮他纯粹是出于友情。
  • This disproves the theory that children are purely imitative.这证明认为儿童只会单纯地模仿的理论是站不住脚的。
7 nauseated 1484270d364418ae8fb4e5f96186c7fe     
adj.作呕的,厌恶的v.使恶心,作呕( nauseate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • I was nauseated by the violence in the movie. 影片中的暴力场面让我感到恶心。
  • But I have chewed it all well and I am not nauseated. 然而我把它全细细咀嚼后吃下去了,没有恶心作呕。 来自英汉文学 - 老人与海
8 recoiling 6efc6419f5752ebc2e0d555d78bafc15     
v.畏缩( recoil的现在分词 );退缩;报应;返回
  • Some of the energy intended for the photon is drained off by the recoiling atom. 原来给予光子的能量有一部分为反冲原子所消耗。 来自辞典例句
  • A second method watches for another effect of the recoiling nucleus: ionization. 探测器使用的第二种方法,是观察反冲原子核的另一种效应:游离。 来自互联网
9 elastic Tjbzq     
  • Rubber is an elastic material.橡胶是一种弹性材料。
  • These regulations are elastic.这些规定是有弹性的。