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The savings1 deposit is a method of deposit that sets no limits on maturity2 date, time and amount of deposit or withdrawal3. According to the different methods of deposit or withdrawal, there are four types of savings deposits: current passbook4 deposit, current check deposit, time-demand optional deposit, debit5 card deposit and notice deposit, etc.

I. Definition定义

Current passbook deposit is defined as one that does not have definite term with the minimum amount of 1 RMB yuan in the account; that the depositors can make deposits or withdrawals6 at any time without subject to amount limits after you are issued a deposit passbook by the savings office.

II. Service Features业务特点

Current passbook deposit is the most fundamental and conventional method of bank deposits. A client may make deposits or withdrawals at any time. For its free and flexible use of funds, the current passbook deposit is taken as the basis of clients’ financial asset managements.活期存折储蓄存款是银行最基本、常用的存款方式,客户可随时存取款,自由、灵活调动资金,是客户进行各项理财活动的基础。

 III. Functions功能

1.To apply for supportive electronic debit card with which you may handle such banking7 services as withdrawal and transfer on an ATM, and consumption at the specially8 engaged shops;申办与之配套的电子借记卡,可在ATM机上办理取款及转账等银行业务,可在特约商户购物消费;

2.To handle salary payment service on agency;办理代发薪服务;

3.To apply for telephone banking service;申请电话银行服务;

4.To make an automatic banking.通存通兑。

A client with a current passbook deposit account may handle the deposit or the withdrawal at any savings office with the passbook.

IV. Procedures for Account Opening开户手续

1.A deposit passbook may be issued to you and a debit card may be applied9 for at the same time at any savings office after you fill out a deposit slip and deposit a certain amount of cash(1 RMB yuan at least)

2.At the time of account opening, the client may choose the method of withdrawal by password or with a passbook. If the method of withdrawal by password is chosen, the client shall put on the spot a six-digit password into your savings account. The password is put in through the password processor on the counter and is unknown to any other person including the teller10. The password is the key with which you may make withdrawals and you must keep it in mind and not leak it to others.开户时可选择凭密码取款或凭存折取款方式,如选择凭密码取款方式,客户须当场选择一个6位数字输入作为该活期储蓄账户的密码,在柜台上的密码器上输入,包括银行经办人员在内的其他人都无法知道密码。密码相当于您取款的一把钥匙,必须牢记,不可泄露他人。


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  • I can't afford the vacation,for it would eat up my savings.我度不起假,那样会把我的积蓄用光的。
  • By this time he had used up all his savings.到这时,他的存款已全部用完。
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  • These plants ought to reach maturity after five years.这些植物五年后就该长成了。
  • This is the period at which the body attains maturity.这是身体发育成熟的时期。
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  • The police were forced to make a tactical withdrawal.警方被迫进行战术撤退。
  • They insisted upon a withdrawal of the statement and a public apology.他们坚持要收回那些话并公开道歉。
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  • You fill out this application form and we'll issue you a passbook.你填好这张申请表,我们会给你一本存折。
  • Would you please give your withdrawal slip and your passbook?请把您的取款条和存折给我好吗?
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  • To whom shall I debit this sum?此款应记入谁的账户的借方?
  • We undercharge Mr.Smith and have to send him a debit note for the extra amount.我们少收了史密斯先生的钱,只得给他寄去一张借条所要欠款。
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n.收回,取回,撤回( withdrawal的名词复数 );撤退,撤走;收回[取回,撤回,撤退,撤走]的实例;推出(组织),提走(存款),戒除毒瘾,对说过的话收回,孤僻
  • He has made several withdrawals from his bank account. 他从银行账户上提了几次款。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • It is not the bank's policy to deduct interest on withdrawals. 提款需扣除利息这并非是本银行的政策。 来自辞典例句
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  • John is launching his son on a career in banking.约翰打算让儿子在银行界谋一个新职位。
  • He possesses an extensive knowledge of banking.他具有广博的银行业务知识。
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  • They are specially packaged so that they stack easily.它们经过特别包装以便于堆放。
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  • She plans to take a course in applied linguistics.她打算学习应用语言学课程。
  • This cream is best applied to the face at night.这种乳霜最好晚上擦脸用。
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